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Really appreciate the feedback guys thanks, as a non fantasy player (just yet) its interesting to know regular players thoughts on my future units, its been a great eye opener thankyou.

The thematics of my force is of great importance to me with this army build and again, thankyou for some great tips with that in mind, the 'Major Hogan' character and the plug bayonets are fantastic ideas which ill definitely incorporate, plus ill look further into the captain / general options.

Master engineers are a obvious choice ( that somehow i completely missed ) to complement my artillery.

The magic phase is something i hadnt considered, tho ill bow to your knowlwege of the game and add a mage somewhere, try and hide him in some near by woods or something to not disrupt my theme haha.

Being competitive for me is by no means tournament standard, just so i can give my opponent a worthwhile game, hopefully that should be the case.

Thanks again
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