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This is an update ! Jezlad was kind enough to add it to the end of the original post for me. I'm just leaving it here so I don't have an empty post after deleting everything.

== The Veterans ==

The Master race lacks the dedicated Veteran Company of other chapters. Instead, the Veterans of the chapter mix freely among the formations of the four main Grand Kompanies. The reason for this is that time and experience have proven that the overall fighting quality of the Master Race's battle brothers is increased by the presence of the Veterans in each squad teaching the younger Marines from their experience and knowledge. The Master Race holds the view that by having the wealth of knowledge that belongs to the Veterans of the chapter disseminated throughout, the chapter as a whole benefits greatly and only in this manner can all of it's Brother Marines be truly prepared to face the multitude of threats assailing the Imperium.

In place of a dedicated Veteran company, the Master race has kept to the tradition of having a warrior lodge. Though much smaller than a company, typically between 15 and 30 battle brothers, the Master Race's warrior lodge forms the retinues and command squads for the chapter's headquarters staff. The warrior lodge, known to the Master Race as the "Cult of Purity" or "Reinheitskult", is formed from Marines hand picked by the Chapter Master himself from units that have seen extreme amounts of combat and experienced heavy losses in battle. Almost all will be veterans of the Chapter, though it is not unheard of for a younger Marine who has particularly distinguished himself on the field of combat and left the majority of the brothers from his squad behind, to be chosen for the Reinheitskult.

The reason for choosing these Battle Brothers from the remnants of heavily depleted squads is it's believed that the losses they have suffered, watching their brethren die at the hands of the Emperor's enemies, will imbue them with a special hatred and zealotry to see those enemies pay in blood. The members of the warrior lodge repaint their armor dark grey in honor of their fallen comrades and to signify that their clarity of purpose has been given secondary priority to claiming vengeance for their brothers who have passed on to the Emperor's side awaiting the time of judgement and retribution.

In battle the Reinheitskult performs as a small, hard, core of elite warriors, led by the lodge's current master, to smash into the enemy's strong points and sow death and destruction among the opposition's main body of troops. They are typically deployed in a transport vehicle so as to close quickly with the enemy and more often than not they are supported by the Chapter's heavier armored vehicles and other vehicle mounted infantry.

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