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I will agree with most of the points raised, although i debate the necessity of a huge infantry block, especially if that infantry is as crap as empire state troops, and especially in a shooting army. Magic though is a near must have, to help with dispels (a level 4 wizard lord with a dispel scroll is pretty decent antimagic for honestly very cheap, compared to other wizards). If you are worried bout thematics, you could take a 'spymaster' diviner of the celestial college, to represent major hogan, or an 'engineer' metal college practitioner.

In regards to units, you are going to be dealing damage by shooting. That means you are going to need as much time to shoot as possible. In 8th, they remove marchblocking, which used to be a major plus. Now, Small units of cheap core knights to suicide into enemy fast movers, redirecting suicide cavalry as well.

You cannot take too many as they are fairly expensive - a unit of cavalry costs as much as a cannon after all, or nearly a unit and a half of handgunners.

Rockets, and Stone throwers in general are not particularly brilliant in this edition, but they can do okay - Still s3/4 shots, despite sometimes hitting upwards of a dozen still only do half that number of wounds at best, and of those, some are either saved, or do a load of damage to a really crappy unit like goblins or whatever.

It would never be competitive - move or fire bs3 with 24" range means that most of the time they are hitting on 5's, and are outranged by things like fast cavalry longbows (such as Glade Riders), and other fast units which can avoid firing arcs or only take minimal numbers of shooting turns, like warhawk riders, spirit hosts, fellbats/carrion, fast cavalry.

Now, if you are playing against an army that is fielding 3 big blocks of heavy infantry, and walking into the gunfire then that is to be expected for them to lose - if you do enough damage of course. But the current meta on the internet is shifting into avoidance lists - where there is rarely any combat unless one side makes a mistake and isolates a unit, and honestly, Empire can do okay with replicating that as Pistoliers, hurricanums, and skirmishing archers dot around the battlefield. To counter it, the best thing to rely on is crossbowmen - 30" range is a big one.

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