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Default Newbie Empire Army 'Sharpe' style... advice please

Hi all,

Relative newcomer to the whole table top universe and its wicked ways, recently started a Chaos Marine army in 40k with friends ang going ok, however, my initial interest in Warhammer was to model and paint a 'Napoleonic' Sharpe/British peninsular war army, obviously the Empire has such troop types and the Games Workshop models have more flair than the other counterparts for that era in my opinion.

My immediate thoughts were to get some advice from experienced players of Fantasy to see whether my force would be a viable army to use, as the competitive gaming side of the hobby has become more of an interest to me of late.

My model wishlist would be as follows...

Empire state troops (handgunners)



Great cannons

Rocket Batteries

Cavalry (Knightly orders) - though i would use the pistolier/outrider model with lances to keep in tune with the theme.

Empire Captain ( tbc )

I have seen some dislike towards sit and shoot gun line armies, though i intend my force to be quite balanced with my cavalry being aggressive whilst the obvious fire power doing what it is intended to do.

All this is theory of course, so, to my main question really... can this army list work?

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