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Seemingly preying on the weakened Elves, Imperial forces marched westward, much to the chagrin of Danuzil. In response, he moved his forces to meet them. Due to the pact with the Tomb Kings, he could abandon his southern borders and concentrate on the incoming imperials.
The Orcs in the meantime, had crossed the mountains to pick a fight with the undead.

(There's a mistake on this map. The banner in section 80 moved to 84 this turn.)

With support from Narseker, Danuzil send his forces onto the mountain pass held by the imperials in order to scare them off. Despite everyone expecting fighting to commence, Klaus von Altdorf had ordered his troop off the road to claim more territories, instead of advancing into elven lands or protecting the mountain pass. The elven advance so deeply into his unprotected lands scared him terribly!
The Orcs narrowly escaped an attack from the Tomb King, allowing a seccond banner to move in for support. This prompted him to send even more troops that way. The Orcs breaking through would spell disaster to the dominant position the Narseker holds.

Turn 9 will prove to bring more action...
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