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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
I'd drop the AoDG and grab Termi Armor for only 10 more points (probably by dropping a Havoc). Also I'd probably take a Force Axe rather than a Force Sword so that you can, say, wound a Wraithknight if need be (on a 6, sure, but with Force... that's enough).

Consider dropping the ADL and Cultists in exchange for, say, a Forgefiend w/ HACs for the Sorc to Prescience (would need to scrape up another 25 points, maybe crop a CSM squad instead of the Cultists if you go this route), or a Maulerfiend and another Biker. The FF would offer more & higher S shooting, and if you have any Ruins on your half of the table (which you should with any halfway decent preset tourney tables), the Havocs will be hiding there already. One of the CSM squads can go CSM rather than CS. A Maulerfiend would let you have an even more threatening attack force, and allow you to reserve your Prescience for the Havocs.
I suppose the drake and DP can vector strike flyers. I'm gonna have to use the DP very carefully. I invited a few friends to the tourney, and one of them is Tau so he'd probably annihilate this list.

I really like the idea of the Maulerfiend. I think I do need a more aggressive component to this list, otherwise superior shooting is just going to blow up my good stuff before I can do anything about it. Prescienced(?) lascannons have always done great things for me, and if I'm lucky they'll ignore cover as well.



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