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I really like the Space Wolf model, though it is your most subtle conversion piece here. The hood is really well done, I especially like the frayed edges.

I'm not too keen on the size of cape on the BA Lord, but I like the look despite the edges on the back still looking unfinished. Kind of looks like a daemon has possessed a marine but forgot to possess his arms and backpack, though that's not to say it won't look cool painted up. It would be really cool to run a Blood Angel successor chapter as if they had fallen to Chaos, and this model just about nails that.

The Command Squad (?) on horseback looks cool, I'm curious to see what you did with the Apothecary (Sanguinary Priest)'s Narthecium. I made one out of a power fist and assorted other bits, but it's not as sleek looking as what it looks like you have going on. Were it me, I would have GS'd reins into one hand of each of the riders so it looked more like they were actually riding the horses instead of sitting on them flailing about. You can always find a way to strap a Chainsword or Pistol type to a model somewhere with GS so they're still WYSIWYG.

While I'm taking notes on how you've converted that Bike Captain out of a DV model (I'm going to do a similar thing once I finish 'envisioning' the conversion), I'm still not sold on the Rhino hatch Storm Shield. It's just so big and devoid of character....at least that's a spot for a nice free-hand insignia, or larger decal.

I notice that both your shields are made up of a knedatite-like product (miliput?). Do you make casts or sculpt everything to the model? I use two part liquid or putty silicone mixes and get pretty smooth results when I use mixes of putties, but I'm always curious to have my eyes opened to new products. Liquid Blu-Stuff is the brand that I have been using most successfully.

Keep the updates coming! It might sound like I'm offering a lot of criticisms, but it's just to get some thoughts stirring. I do quite enjoy your work.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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