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Originally Posted by Loki1416 View Post
If you were coming through north Alabama, would certainly give you a place to lay your head. Hiking cross country is not something that I would do OR recommend, but if your going to do it, be smart and stay safe. Tryst your instincts, if it looks fishy, get the hell outa there.
Thanks very much for the offer Loki, are you within reach of Talladega or Bankhead National Forests? It's certainly a lovely place to hike that I could consider going to, Talladega in particular sounds like it offers more seclusion.

Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
P.s. Take lots of photos. It's a big diverse country with many landscapes and peoples. Start a Flickr account or the like and document the trip. And/or start a blog and we can follow your journey as you make your way.
Good advice Kreuger, I was wondering about storage capacity on my camera memory card, but hadn't thought of uploading as I go - I may very well do that! Thanks!

Originally Posted by SwedeMarine View Post
When/ how long will you be in Miami Sethis? I just happen to live there and if i can swing it ill take some time off and show you around for a bit as well as put you up for a few nights. as long as its not too long.
Hey Swede, that's really kind of you! I wouldn't be staying for a long time, maybe up to 5 days? I might do some diving to progress my PADI qualifications, but it's unlikely to take a vast amount of time. Could you recommend any campsites or beaches where camping is allowed, from your own experience? I wouldn't want to take you out of work, so I'm happy to hang out in the evenings when you're finished and explore/dive by myself during the day.

Thanks to everyone I haven't quoted who've offered advice as well. Anyone more towards the New Mexico/Arizona/California way who can offer advice on places to go and things to see, if not a floor or a sofa for the night?

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