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Originally Posted by Maverike Prime View Post
I think you're taking the concept too literally for several reasons.

A- The concept isn't about a 7 foot alien hunter that uses a photon launcher, monomolecular claws, and a cloaking device to stalk a team of commandos in the jungle. The concept is about a team of solders being hunted by a monster.

B- The team of solders are the scouts. The Monster may not be (and I'll honest probably won't be) a mauler fiend like what the model presents. At the moment, I'm just referencing the mauler fiend because it fits the bill, of a monster hunting through the city, better then say the Predator Tank, a HelBrute the Forge Fiend, or the HelDrake.

That's... the exact same basic concept. a man versus nature story of a bunch of solders facing off with a monster.
I realized that once I posted it.
Could you be a bit more specific as to what you want in terms of help?
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