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Default Marshes of Madness: a campaign of four armies

Hello everyone! One of my many recent projects is a campaign, which I thought would be nice to share with you. While not necessarily a battle report, I'll try to include some of the more interesting ones that are fought during the campaign. the grander strategies are quite interesting as well! We use the General's Compendium rules for map-based campaigns, with each banner being 1500 points. We use a hybrid 6th/7th edition system for our battles with 6th edition army books. Everyone starts with one banner, gaining extra banners for each four mapsections they claim. Special mapsections will be explained further in the campaign. Each banner represents an army, and must be given orders each turn.
The campaign takes place in the south-western region of the Marshes of Madness, just north-east of Zandri, touching the Great Ocean.

From the north-west, a heavily guarded mining-expedition from the Empire, led by Klaus von Altdorf, seeks the rich minerals the mountains hold. Similar dwarven expeditions in the region have had mixed success, but this stirs no doubt in the general's heart.
While the Marshes are entirely infested with greenskins, their amounts seems to dwindle towards the edge of the region. The south-east however, is held by Big Boss Balzug, an outcast from a larger tribe from deeper into the marshes. While not very experienced, he still forms a danger for any who venture into the lands he calls his own.
The north-west is beset by Dark Elves. Initially blown off course by a terrible storm, a scout ship landed in this region and found the nearby tombs to hold many riches. This news reached Danuzil Spinerod, Fleetmaster of Clar Karond, who immediately set sail to claim these treasures for himself.
The disturbance by the Dark Elves awakened Prince Narseker of Zandri, who rose from his tomb to reclaim his stolen treasures and to reclaim the lands he once held. One by one his skeletal legions have arisen from the sands, ready to obey any order from their prince.

The first few turns were spend gathering sections to gain extra banners, until the Tomb King's and Dark Elven banners met in section 37, Turn 6. Despite the elves recieving 200 points extra from a supporting banner in section 31, the undead massacred them, taking almost no losses while nearly wiping out the entire elven force. Their banner was scattered, and reformed with a new supply of troops in the elven HQ at section 18, after which the map looked like this:

The Orc's had some trouble manouvring through the mountains, costing them some turns. The Imperial expedition faced similar problems in the marshes while trying to navigate a transport route back to the Empire.

To prevent the Tomb Prince's forces from reaching deeper into elven territory, section 31 was fortified. However, after this terrible defeat, the Tomb Prince forced the elves into a humiliating truce, making the two armies effectively allies. This means banners can move through allied lands without claiming them, and any banner adjecent to a battle involving its ally may support it with 200 points of Core troops.

The Fleetmaster responded:
It is with great reluctance that I, Dazunil Spinerod, Fleetmaster of Clar Karond, accept this truce, oh long dead, but now newly arisen king. Me and my Druchii forces will leave your bountiful treasures alone for now and will seek to claim the riches demanded by the Witch King elsewhere in this land of rotten wastes and bogs. The Thousand Faced Lord of Murder has been left unpleasantly unsatisfied by the lack of bloodshed in his name and will now turn his terrible wrath and that of his brides towards the soon-to-be enslaved population who call this filthy lands home.
Onwards to Turn 7...
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