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Adriun was busy with his own thoughts of tinkering and working and the slight pang of disappointment with the slaughter to come, only made slight by selective memory altering.

“Forge Master…” I said, coming alongside the man. I would walk with him, if he was going somewhere. “…although it wasn’t necessary, I appreciate your defence of Lugerev. Kunzhardt seems more irritable of late, and I’m not wholly convinced that it just because of the pressures of command.”

Adriun was not caught off guard by the sudden voice of the Seer, but he had place his presence at the back of his thoughts for the moment, but now he was at attention again.

“If I were you, I would distance yourself from the man for the time being. I would hate to see our Iron Forge brought low by cross-contamination.”

He pondered the Seer's words, he did not like his purist thoughts but obviously Adriun was a much lesser target at the moment. He did not take what the Librarian said as a threat, as he knew of the taint that had been found in the Second. A sad thought, but he pinned it on Kunzhardt's propensity for using Tox and Chem weaponry, such things pleased the Father of Pestilence, maybe a Destroyer couldn't take the voices anymore and caved in. A sad fate, but one that would be met with merciless death, and it was necessary for purity.

"Ah, Coeus, My mind wandered to projects and other processes." He said regarding the Librarian.

“Come with me, we shall head to my workshop aboard the vessel.” He said walking with the Librarian through the halls.

As he walked he invented a parable to describe the factorum and his Mechanicum.

“Do you recall the Iron Oaks of Veretus’ Second moon? That campaign was to reclaim essential weapon tech, and we recovered a lot of Battle Automata and ordinance from some Chaos sect that intended to simply corrupt it. Well we took a single sapling and grew it in similar conditions.” He paused only for effect.

“Like pure iron, its leaves would rust, and if allowed to continue it would ruin the sapling and it would wither, with proper pruning of rusted leaves in branches and cleaning and polish with light oil the plant thrives. This is how I treat those under my command, I look for rust and ‘prune’ and dispose of what is unneeded, I reaffirm the true ways of iron like a placing a coat of oil to prevent rust.” He smirked slightly he cared not whether Coeus liked his parable but it put into nicer words the executions that occurred if any tech was found operating on abnormal parameters and emitting warp signatures, it was rare but it deeply angered him when he found a weapon with a daemon bound to it. However such events were distant memory. The conspirators already found and dead, he knew his Mechanicus was pure now, the last of the Dark Mechanicus infiltrators routed a long time ago, not countable in real space time. It left the Purist Mechanicus smaller though but it was the price to pay.

“What an Ironic little plant, and a terrible world, dreadful oil slick rain. It was undesirable. But rich in resources.” He finished.

The heavy thud of their armored greaves resounded in the hall as they yet again turned down another, only to end up in the personal forge of Adriun.

“I do have a proposal of sorts for some cooperation, the idea came from my Master WarpTek Sophacles, he has been doing research into a cult in the Calixis sector, I do not know if it is something you know about, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if you did.”

He paused for effect and pulled up relevant data on his own data slate.

“It is a type of Ward, not similar to those commonly used by the Imperials and others wishing to prevent daemonic and psychic incursions, however this one generates a fairly potent null field when applied to an object or surface. Sophacles cannot perform rituals to make it work, it ironically needs some psychic input to activate, and he has modified it somewhat to not only create this null field but to banish daemons and their energies if applied to something that is possessed.”

He let the implications sink in, it opened up new avenues to recovering corrupted tech and reversing the damage, this would be especially useful in recovering Dreadnaughts that became hellbrutes, they could be repaired and the inert flesh removed and made into a suitable machine to inter a damaged marine.

“I find it to be profitable if this can be studied and perfected, and then all kinds of tech that we lost to corruption have a chance at cleansing and being reclaimed.”

He paused he also wondered at its effects on Daemon engines, forced to cast of their daemonic energies they would probably no longer function, and maybe their weapons could be examined to see if their was anything useful. Or to convert the husks into Battle Automata of a bestial nature, it was an interesting concept, but would be the least prioritized.

Before Coeus could answer he heard ship sirens calling the Ships forces to prepare for departure, and he needed to ready his forces, they would exit the warp sooner or later, he would have to save this discussion for later, they both had busy schedules it would seem.

“Well Seer, We will have to finish this discussion later it seems, I must prepare my forces.” He said and gave a thudded salute and left.


In the Hangar all of the Machines were loaded up in their drop ships and he oversaw it all, like perfectly interlocking cogs in a machine they proceeded perfectly. He now saw to his forces they would be bringing planetside. It was quite the sight to see, all the Massive Battle Automata preparing for leave, His tech Marines in groups handling the heavy machinery, they wouldn’t be deploying Krios Tanks of the Mechanicus this time but to protect the trenches their would be 30 Triptychs of Thanatar Siege Automata, and in the trenches assisting as well as being ready to take on any wolves foolish enough to come into the meat grinder they would be preparing would be 40 Maniples of Castellax Battle-Automata with variable loadouts, and to defend the spire and final line would be 100 squads of Thallax Cohorts, being 5 man squads.

He saw them all loaded up, he himself would be in a Squad of Tech Marines, and have his Left Hand Advisor Furthuum as his ranged heavy support and Eryx the Master Architect and his Fort Breaker Thunder Hammer. They would be directly around the Spire, and assemble it then await further Orders.

Adriun boarded his drop ship with his two chosen commanders and a squad of lower ranked tech marines each with their chosen equipment. He nodded to them both and stood ready as the vessel closed its hatches. He tapped the pommel of his sword and latched his combat shield to his arm, his serpenta pistol in its holster. Each of his Mechadendrites had a Hellgun attached except for one that had a meltagun. He also brought various tools for field work and repair and construction of the spire.

Eryx stood in his heavily modified Mk II armor, Its strange aesthetics, with the stabilizers on his power pack replaced with Column like Cells with intricate Capitols, housing power cells for his micro-Automantic Shields. His armor was artful in its design, fitting the eccentric marine, who hefted a Thunder hammer, its head shaped like a column as well with Intricate Capitols for the flat impact areas, an Iron Warriors Skull centered on the column.

He stood in stark contrast to Furthuum’s massive Gorgon Pattern Terminator armor, and his multiple weapon ports for mounted an array of heavy weapons. He crunched his twin power fists in anticipation, looking around with both his cybernetic eye, and his only biological one. He had chosen a long range load out of two Reaper Auto-cannons one mounted under each arm, at his sides, on a retractable rail should he need to free up his fists for close assault, each shoulder mounted a Lascannon and finally a Cyclone Missile launcher in the middle. This Mobile weapon platform of an Astartes was assisted by a plethora of mechadendrites to load and maintain his multiple weapon systems.

They were ready and it would not be too soon either as the tell tale voice of Kunzhardt, as well as the cease-fire, signaled that it was time for the assault. He was a bit saddened by the lack of Loakk at his side; he enjoyed fighting beside him, comparing his blade’s tally with the Genetor’s claws. It would be for another time. The fleet of drop ships took off for the surface.


The Surface was a hell for their enemies, while the fort lay untouched by the orbital guns, the rest of the planet did not have the same fate, he saw the burning in the distance, the smoke that slowly filled the skies from the iron death that came from above. The Automata and servitors were every where assisting in building the trenches, and the Thanatar Siege Automata were placed in entrenched positions to provide plasma death volleys when the Wolves finally came. If they decided to assault the fort they could also be used to fire over the walls, but for now they were to goad the dogs from their den.

The Massive form of the spire was coming to be as Eryx bellowed in baritone some opera that he had never heard of. The Spire would be finished assembling within minutes, they had begun construction since landing, and the Castellax and other large Servitors had helped in the assembly, and Adriun directed it all with Eryx, while Furthuun saw to positioning the rest of the Battle Automata in the trenches and ordering the Thrallax Cohorts around to defend the spire.

“So much death, was it necessary…” He said mostly to himself as the final pieces of the spire were fit and welded into place, gun fire a constant drum in the background, the Wolf fort retaliating at its approaching demise. He looked to the data-slate the Kunzhardt’s marine had delivered earlier, and read it. The message piqued his interest, he was like-minded for it, and hoped to prevent any future troubles, but just in case it was good to have some allies. The state of the Second Company worried him immensely though, he detested cults, and a nurgle infestation was most alarming because it could spread even to those who despised the dark gods. However he would not let that impede relations with the Second Captain. He deleted the messages contents and stored relevant data in his cogitator.

Adriun walked over to the spire and activated the conveyor, it worked as it should. For the most part the spire was done, but Eryx would handle finishing touches as well as form a defensive perimeter around it. He wondered at its purpose still.

He hopped on the vox and added a tri-layered custom encryption and then contacted the Captain of the Second, Kunzhardt the Immovable.

“Second Captain, This is Adriun, I received your request, I have contacted you on an encrypted vox, or we can discuss this in person near the spire, or after the battle. Your choice, Brother Kunzhardt.” He offered, as he lifted up his combat shield and deflected a stray round.

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