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The WarSmith's navigator strode into the hangar and Tyranus immediately recognized the man by his armor. In his MK IV plate Jurgen maneuvered through the hangar that held the First Company, carrying with him a large metal case, it's proportions perhaps lending it to carrying a weapon of some importance perhaps. Tyranus struck the thought from his mind, Pelegon would not make any such offering especially after their last encounter, still he opened the box, letting out a hiss as the seals were broken. The item was spectacular despite its simplicity, it was a shovel, but Tyranus looked at it in a new light.

Jurgen had already turned on his heels to leave and Tyranus clicked to a private vox to speak to the Ferra's navigator. "Jurgen, would you relay a message to the WarSmith Pelegon?" There was a pause as the man seemed to think over the request. "I shall relay your message First Captain." Tyranus nodded his appreciation "Tell our WarSmith that I had not forgotten my duty in the trenchlines in this campaign and I greatly appreciate the offering of this perfectly wrought shovel, it is perfect for this task. Likewise, I would thank the WarSmith for utilizing the First Company despite my short-sightedness. I shall endeavour to mould myself as iron. Thank you Brother Jurgen." With that he let the vox line shut with a click, the shovel in hand he mag locked it to his back, where it sat next to his power glaive which had its haft collapsed down to about half its fully extended length to facilitate stowing it when not in use for combat. Tyranus knew he was unlikely to see much in the way of glorious combat on this campaign for his own stupidity, and while it still left a bitter taste he held contempt for none but himself. Speaking to his men over the vox link "Tyranthikos, you are at the command of Captain Kunzhardt, glory to the First! Hail Tyranthikos!" The resounding echo came from the First Company, they were all eager for their role, however minor and however fast this campaign would prove to be in the long run of their Grand Company, it would serve as a good warm up exercise for perhaps greater glories to come.

As the precision bombardment came to a halt from their fleet the teleporters lit up, blindingly bright and suddenly they were planetside. The First under command of Kunzhardt went with the Mechanized Fist. Tyranus rendezvoused with the 6th and 10th Companies in trench building, producing his expertly fashioned spade he began to dig. It was work that was not up to the task of his talents, but not beneath him he began to realize. Perhaps he had become too proud, his station as First Captain had lasted for nearly 7 millenia and he had perhaps grown too comfortable, the situation within the Grand Company called for him to be at his sharpest and he nodded his head in acceptance. At the end of these days his armor would need a thorough cleaning, the grime and soot would need to be cleaned out and all the parts would need to be looked after and maintained, from the plates themselves, to the tiniest coupling or servo motor. Like their Grand Company as a whole would need a thorough cleaning he nodded to himself, shoveling the soil of Pelexis III around the Wolf's Keep, the occasional round panged off of the raised earth that began to conceal and protect their positions. No task shall be deemed too small, nor too great an undertaking again.


The form of Captain Kunzhardt strode towards the thunderhawk as he waited with his hands clasped in front of him. He had waited patiently and was glad that perhaps he might be of some service this day. "Captain Kunzhardt," the giant Kerberos spoke and greeted the three members of 2nd Company with a formal bow and salute. Taller than the Captain and his guardians, despite them wearing Tartaros pattern Terminator plate only furthered the fact that Kerberos was exceptionally large even for an Astartes. His bulk however was slightly less, his customized and modified war plate bestowed only upon a Champion, clearly it took cues from Cataphractii plating in the pauldrons, but its form was far more streamlined, designed to give the wearer mobility as well as enhanced speed necessary for fighting the most challenging of adversaries as was a Champions primary assignment on any battlefield.

"Captain Kunzhardt, as you are our acting commander I wish to uphold my oath as Champion and fight at your side." He did not particularly like Kunzhardt, in fact he found him to be wanting in many characteristics, much like his own Captain. The Mechanized Fist was a flawed leader in many ways, but his men supported him with quite a good deal of fervor and he would be interested to see how the 2nd Company operated on the field of battle.
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