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The remaining time until action went relatively uneventful.

He did enjoy pitting the 1st against the 2nd in training. The 2nd could use a better degree of skill in close combat and the 1st would witness what made the Iron Havocs a force to make men quake with fear. Adruin had not responded to his remarks and thus worried him to a degree. Perhaps he'd already spoken with the Twins and relayed what information had been delivered. It didn't matter now it was too late and the entirety of the XIXth would get a degree of release and pleasure from what was about to happen and Pelegon himself had seen fit to appease the Immovable with the honor of conducting the bombardment from none other than his personal throne.

Kunzhardt stretched his arms out and felt the sensation of absolute power and control such that he had not known in a long time surging through him. The knowledge that he controlled the guns of every ship bar the 7ths private fleet and the 3rds ghost ship, a dry cracked smile broke out over his face as eyes watched the crew aboard the bridge dart around. . . This was what it meant to be the Mechanized Fist, the people down on the forsaken world looking up into the sky seeing their Death hanging seemingly frozen in time before the horror started.

"Commence Phase 1 sustained saturation bombardment. Do NOT touch the Wolve's den. . ."

Colossal guns thundered forth and he felt the thumping even within the bridge, adrenal glands were on overhaul filling his body with that fantastic cocktail. He watched the lush landscape below blister and pop in places as mighty shells that had sat in disuse for seemingly centuries groaning to be used felt their primer strike and lunged from the sky. This was steel rain, this was the might of the Mechanized Fist shattering their sky and bringing ruination. His only regret was that there would be no sweet return fire attempting foolishly to rend their ship apart. The thundering continued for what seemed like hours as dots of brilliant reds and yellows and earthen browns blossomed planet side bringing with it death and blood. He wished he could be there to savor the screams and to revel in the destruction bringing his wrath into the bellies of. . . Unarmed civilians. That fact soured the magnificent explosions and would be a mark against this attack but he had no control over that now.

"Cease fire. . . I take my leave of the Bridge." He paused briefly as the thunderous fire slowed to a halt and on the last shell he cued up a vox caster throughout the Ferra Perpetua. It rolled with fury but within it were undertones of excitement.

"Legionnaires of the XIXth! Commence invasion."

With the order delivered he stepped from Pelegon's place and joined with his personal escorts. Two of the Siege Tyrants that he had cobbled together for an Honor Guard. Each of them could level cities between their Whirlwind Missile Launchers and their Reaper Auto Cannons and could weather untold punishment in Tartaros pattern tactical dreadnought armor. They enforced his will among the company when he was gone and their own fiery passions for excellence almost mirrored his own. They didn't speak when he approached them rather they fell in line and escorted him to his personal Thunderhawk he would be taking to the surface. Why the Warsmith would have him planet side for the second bombardment he couldn't know but it was no mistake.

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