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He watched scene unfold. He'd thought that Draxus would fall in his quarters or after the trip to the Bat's quarters but a display before the entire company was interesting and one far more brutal than he had just delivered to his own adjutant which seemed all the more coincidental. The 1st's Captain seemed to be picking apart Draxus like a roasted chicken leaving him wounded and really incapable of mounting a defensive. He would have no part in assisting the equerry especially one of a different legion. He had anticipated a show but what transpired next was entirely different. One of his own men stepped forward interjecting the show. Such a show would demand a rebuke if not corporal punishment however it seemed to be more the rule than the exception within the 1st as the sergeant revealed to be Magallion requested conclusion to the situation only to be given the honor of ending the victims life in easily the most spectacular manner they could muster and in no small way yielded a smirk from the second captain.

Blood. . . Yes blood. . . Drench the halls with it, drink from it Kunzhardt bath in it!

"We should notify the armouy and the apothecary to retrieve and maintain the cataphractii and the gene seed. . . Respectively. . . "

The last word twinged with a hint of pleasure, he had enjoyed the show. Part of him wished to have join in it but it was not his company to enforce. He made a mental note of the hidden sword in the event the two ever came to blows and gestured the Night Lord back to his chamber where they had just come from.

"Feeling better, captain? What else do you wish to discuss?"

Now his thoughts filled with Pelexis and rending the world apart with his fists hearing the contorted screams of human souls as they cried out to a decayed corpse to help them from his place eternally bound to his machine like a dreadnought pilot with no glory.

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