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Kunzhardt called out over the bustle of the 2nd Company running through their stringent training regimens while the First Company waited, impatiently it seemed for their orders to strike out at the inhabitants of Pelexis III. The 2nd Captain's demand was immediately recognized.

The First filed into formation, towering behemoths in Cataphractii plate, each warrior bristling with violent intent and their own personal choice of weaponry to accomplish the task. The well regimented and 2nd Company forming into their squads in a similar manner to the left of the First Company. The hum of servo engines and the whine of various small motors powering the tools or servitors were the only sounds in the massive hangar.

"Draxus, come," Tyranus motioned with his right hand, he wanted his equerry to stand with him on this momentous and monumental occasion. Kunzhardt stood to his side as they looked out onto the sea of their respective companies, the fiercest and most veteran warriors next to the most notorious and feared siege fighters within the Grand Company, perhaps the whole galaxy. "Captain Kunzhardt has been charged with command of the Tyranthikos for our campaign on Pelexis, do not fail him. I know that every one of you has sworn their oath to the First Company and will uphold it, I know you will not fail Captain Kunzhardt, because to do so would be to fail me!" He bellowed, tinges of the rage within him began to boil over as he spoke to his men, the 2nd Captain and his company seemingly watching intently.

"Any man who is found to carry disloyalty in his heart shall be found out to have broken his oath, and what is the penalty for disloyalty to The First?!" Tyranus shouted the rhetorical question and en masse the First responded "Death!" Towering over his equerry Draxus, Tyranus' concealed power sword shot out of his left vambrace, the power field was not activated though. Grabbing the young equerry by the inner rim of his power armor's pauldron with his right hand Tyranus brought the blade down into the gap between the equerry's left pauldron and chest plate rendering his lightning claw wielding hand immobile and useless. Tyranus ripped off the man's helmet, he wanted to stare into his shocked eyes as he withdrew the blade and then savagely brought the blade down again, this time just behind the nape of the neck, intentionally and cruelly Tyranus was keeping Draxus alive, his punishment would be humiliation and a vengeful and vicious death. "This man has forsaken his oath to the First, what is your sentence?" He spoke as if there was any possible response beyond what was shouted back, perhaps bloodthirsty after so long a layoff from their past campaign, but the First seemed eager to see the blood of the traitor spilled though they would never know what exactly his crime was. "Perturabo once found our Legion so wanting that he had an example made by a grim lottery that one in ten should be made into an example. This man-," he looked down and the ruined and bleeding form of Draxus a man he once trusted and believed was a loyal Brother, a small piece of him lamented that it had come to this, killing a man he had trusted and believed was a comrade, but another piece found it altogether refreshing and familiar all at the same time. This was not the first time Tyranus had killed a battle brother, nor would it be the last. "This man," he continued, " he has betrayed each and everyone of you my loyal brothers, it pains me, but he has betrayed us all." He moved as if to retire to his quarters when a gruff and unexpected voice interjected.

"Captain Tyranus," the scarred, shaven head of Veteran Sergeant Magallion came forward, pushing his way through the assemblage of warriors. "What would you have us do with him?" He motioned to Draxus, who still clung to life, he was badly wounded and bleeding out, but he could hear Magallion a man who had taught him much, perhaps somehow his life would might not be snuffed out. We can give you the power to live, to kill them all! The voices clawed at his mind, but he was resolute in his oath at least as an Unbroken.

"Veteran Sergeant Magallion, as I said, this man is a traitor, since you have stepped forward and you and your squad may carry out his sentence as you see fit." With that, like feral dogs, those Brothers of the third squad ofthe First Company that could get to the prone figure of Draxus stomped, kicked, punched and battered in any manner possible the treacherous bastard. Brokai the massive wall of an Astartes of the third squadron tore one of Draxus' legs from his body, producing a scream that one would not think possible from an Astartes as the others set upon him, taking turns unleashing their pent up and savage rage that ran wholesale throughout the Company. The rest of the First cheered their Battle Brothers on, but even the echoes throughout the hangar that rang out "Hail Tyranthikos!" could not drown out the cries of agony from Draxus as he was effectively drawn and quartered by the brute force of those who upheld their oaths to the First Company fanatically.

Tyranus couldn't have been more pleased with his work, as he looked to Kunzhardt "Captain, I believe my men are prepared for combat, but there is one more thing we should discuss in private."

The Champion of the First Company stood like a statue at the rear of the assembled company, observing the theatrics of the Night Lord with thinly veiled disgust, the agonizing screams of the Captain's equerry would have curdled the blood of a mortal, but Kerberos was undisturbed. He was however far from pleased, his warrior spirit was offended by this 'execution' which amounted to nothing more than a mob beating. No Battle Brother of ours deserves to die in this way, no matter his offense. What exactly are you up to Tyranus, Tyrant of the Bats? The Champion thought to himself, unimpressed with the tact of the First Captain, but he had to admit, the man knew how to play to his men, and that was what made The Bat so dangerous. What path will you lead us down? He questioned silently, but he also questioned himself, just what might he do if he learned the answers to his questions?
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