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Thoughts danced at the possibilities of what Tyranus' intentions were before the company but he did have a good idea. A question of loyalty would have to be dealt with. He sighed quietly seeing what he presumed to be an agreement between the two captains. There was a twisted look in the 1st captains eyes. The Night Lords were accustomed to killing each other. When the rebellion began they were fantastically adept at the beginning of the conflict having already spent countless centuries spilling their own blood and now he asked a child of that environment to assist him and to bring that same instinct forth. Part of him thought of the long term implications of this conversation.

"They're all present, Captain.

And with that he gestured for the others to leave the room and then followed out into the main hangar where the 1st still lingered and the 2nd still trained.


The thunderclap rumbled forth again and then there was silence. Nothing but the very soft whine of thousands of well-maintained servos humming.

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