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He is an Astartes, who is veteran to the most epic time in 40k history. He has an afflicted mind that has bent to the stresses of utterly insane warfare that has pushed the limits of even his strong Space Marine indoctrinated psyche. While most of his brothers only had to focus on blowing shit up, he had to focus on that, putting these brothers back together when they got blown up, mercy killing an innumerable amount of them and all while conducting his role and responsibilities as chief medical officer and researcher for the Grand Company. In my physical description, I said nothing about him being frail or wasting away in this manner. The Warp has kept him strong like the rest of the still living Iron Warriors. Granted, he is at least several hundred years old and even Astartes do show signs of age over such a great amount of time. I know it was just a joke, I have no hard feelings I just feel like he has been misinterpreted quite a bit. I put a lot of thought into my characters and care about my writing.

I thought a lot about conversation possibilities between the two. However, looking into him, this is what I decided. He wouldn't want an elongated discussion at this time. It is difficult for him to hold his attention and clarity for very long. He does not necessarily know or realize this but he can tell something is odd, and is often troubled by confusion and a sort of paranoia. Likely, Adriun wouldn't be Adriun the entire time they were in the Apothecary together. This could be another scene I would definitely be interested in writing, but Deus has expressed interest in conversing with Adriun as well and ultimately I feel like we are crunching waaaay more into this part of the plot than Nol expected or intended as it is, so wrapping things up for this part seemed nice.

There will be plenty of time later in the RP for our characters to speak with one another. No need to cram it all in right off the bat.

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