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He was surprised that he decided to cut the talk so short, but Lugerev was a busy Astartes, having so many to tend to, and to maintain the health of the Grand Company.

'For now, if you could just speak to Loakk for me. I would very much like for him to assist me in my part of the mission. I am to board the Wolves' Strike Cruiser that is anchored above Pelexis, according to Pelegon, and retrieve a stock of Salamander gene seed that he believes to be there. I am sure there will be several Space Wolves aboard for him to take "samples" from. In fact, I'll make sure of it. Hell, with our First and Second Captains' legacies, there likely won't be anything left on the ground to take back for research, regardless of Pelegon's orders.'

'Let me know his, or your, decision. Thank you Adriun.'

With that finished, Adriun nodded, "Until later Brother Apothecary." He watched Lugerev walk away.

He got on his vox after tapping his data slate and looking at the various processes that servitors on the various ships of the XIXth's fleet. He preffered to look at the data-slate for information, though it was entirely unnecessary due his cogitators command links, he just wanted an excuse to use his eyes. After configuring his Vox to link with Loakk's private line he then contacted him. It was a quiet discussion as neither needed to verbally say anything, it was as close to telepathy as current tech allowed.

'Loakk, this is Adriun. The Warsmtih approved your request, and denied mine sadly. However I do have some other good news for you, Lugerev wants to cooperate with you, as he says he is more experienced in handling gene-seed.'

After a few seconds, most likely due to absorbing the information and its ramifications, Loakk responded sound apprehensive.

'I wonder if his intentions are true forge master, I would be sorely disappointed if he only responded as thus due to our shared heritage in olympia, such things are petty, but I remember a day before Lugerev's condition and so I shall put stock in the Apothecary I knew. Is their anything else?'

Adriun had thought this too, but then again he couldn't be sure, it was a political move possibly. Then again did Lugerev truly care for politics? That was more the 7th captain and the Seer's forte. He would have to take the request at face value, as he knew if he had detested the idea, the variably lucid Apothecary would not be afraid to make his qualms know.

'Yes there is one final request, you will not be going planet side, I an Reassigning you to the Apothecary's Retinue. Gather your tools and containers and make sure your claws are ready, you will be tearing through the Wolf ship, Lugerev will assist you in acquiring gene-seed. Iron Within, Master Genetor.'

With that he was done. Loakk immediately began preparing, a smile splitting his feature, revealing rows of sharp teeth, his tongue whipped out, almost as if tasting the blood to come.

'Now the wolf will be the prey. Iron without, Forge Master.'

The Vox line was then cut. Adriun then noticed the armored form of one of the Marines from the Second company, holding a data slate.

'Forge Master, a slate detailing a request from Captain Kunzhardt.'

'Adrius is it? ah yes, thank you. You are dismissed I will go over this once back in my quarters.'

'Yes Forge Master.'

With that the 2nd company Marine left, and Adriun placed the Data Slate in a pouch, mag locked to his side.

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