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Just so everyone knows, the XIX has 25 apothecaries, including Lugerev. Each Company has 2, normally. This allows 4 'spares' that he can use to aid the Librarius or Mechanicus branch or move from Company to Company depending on specific needs or size differences.

One of these spares is currently assigned to the 7th, due to their size, giving them three. Likely the first and/or second has a spare as well since they are likely the two other largest companies and about to see action.

I ask that please no one create any of these apothecaries. I do not plan on making all of the characters, but do not plan on making any characters that are not any of these officers, either.

And as a friendly reminder to everyone, I am glad to see some new faces who are very active posters, but again please keep the things you know and believe distinct from what your character knows and believes. Also, again, keep the timing of things in mind. For a new example, there has been no indication that Tyranus knows about Kunzhardt's altercation with Lugerev and Coeus. As I said before we have written a lot so this can be tricky but please be careful.

I dont plan on posting again until Nol's next update but if he is content to let things keep rolling as long as they go for then I suppose it may be inevitable.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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