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Originally Posted by TechPr1est View Post
im in

it doesnt have to be a regiment of guard, it can be just a planetary defence force that is assembled to meet invaders of some kind, that way everyone has really unique characters (well more unique than that of a regiment- cause they were all civvies before this) and you can really go to town on your backstory

Might I request that the character app be incredibly simple for mass production of characters if that route goes? I might get it down to the point where I go through a character per post!

Anyway yeah the main problem with Kreig that whole fatalist mentality you get to the point where the posts are

dakka dakka dakka

1234: "Hey 1337 frag out."

1337: . . . "I'm hit"

1234 *shoots 1337 and takes equipment*


Oh yeah. Interested definitely

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