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Adriun simply stood there as the events came to pass, he felt the air chill as the will of Coes' warp infused mind passed like a torrential storm and assaulted the mind of the Captain of the Second, who now was sprawled on the ground. The Librarian stepped out and spat more obscenities, and accusations of worship of Nurgle among the Second. It was not uncommon knowledge of the connection between the Shipwright, The Seer and the Maddened Medicae. It could not be denied that impurity was found in the second, a fact that made him pity Kunzhardt, whom he knew did not want such sentiments from the young Forge Master.

However despite all the conflict that had boiled to the surface here, Kunzhardt proved his strength by simply walking away, something he knew without having to read minds that the Seer would not have wanted. The purists wanting any excuse to put down any that fell short of their genetic standards. As Kunzhardt tread away, possibly to figure out how far this taint reached himself, Adriun allowed his Mechadendrites to curl back into a more passive position.

Now he found himself alone with the Seer, whom he would have council with if not for the obvious tension in the air. He disliked the Librarian's beliefs but he knew that his art was an essential one, as much as his own, and he had ideas for cooperation that would benefit the Grand Company if inacted. But that would wait, he looked over at the recovering Lugerev, something in the illusively lucid astartes' eyes told him that he wished to speak with Adriun.

"Seer." He nodded to the Present Librarian, then looked to Lugerev,"Medicae, is there something you wish to say to me? your eyes speak for you."

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