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"You assume that wanton slaughter is my objective; do not attempt to second-guess me again, Tyranus. It is the way of the IVth to be meticulous, and not to view any task as above us. That was how our erstwhile brothers viewed us, as mere workhorses - our willingness to do what was asked of us became a strength, lent us will and stamina beyond any other. You complain now that gathering slaves is beneath you. How long will it be before you decline to dig me a trench line, viewing a shovel with similar disdain? Dayus, Karius..." the Warsmith paused momentarily as he tried to recall the third, less familiar "...Draxus, kill him." His raised hand, signaling for the three Tyranthikos to hold their fire betrayed Pelegon's true intent though.

That is exactly why you were so mistreated and abused Brother, you allowed yourselves to be the workhorses, never wanting anything more until the Imperium drove you into the ground. Holding onto the sentiment that got this Legion into trouble is not the way...The Imperium cares not for any intricacies, subtleties of our campaign, they care only about the imminent threat of mass slaughter. He thought to himself, his posture revealed nothing and his helm made his face unreadable.

It was amusing to Tyranus in a grim way, that Pelegon commanded his men, but barely recalled the name of his equerry Draxus, but the man still obeyed the WarSmith. He was glad to have his helmet on, it hid the sly grin that crossed his face, had Pelegon wanted him dead he would have simply had them unleashed upon him. He was confident that if he needed to he could likely kill his three subordinates, but the presence of Kunzhardt and Pelegon ensured that if this indeed came to blows, he would assuredly die, though he would take a toll himself.

"The Tyranthikos, as with every marine in the XIXth is loyal to me first and foremost. I allow my orders to be questioned, but only for good reason. Complain again that the orders you are given are unworth of you and I shall find a more willing replacement. Now get out of my sight." Pelegon spoke now from his throne. You command the XIXth, but you should remember that you did not get there alone...And not every marine is loyal to you alone WarSmith, his mind turned to Coeus and Iapetus, the two purist fanatics that lead a sizable cult of like-minded Legionnaires, they hold loyalty to themselves and none other.

The Tyranthikos then lowered their weapons, returning the storm bolters to their mag locked and readied positions at their hips. Their weapons deactivated with a hiss as the power fields retracted and died out at the orders of Pelegon. Tyranus was already turning to leave as he was dismissed, only to be followed by more words from Pelegon, more meant perhaps as a lesson to be learned. "One more thing, Tyranus" the Warsmith called from his throne, where he had again taken his seat. His voice was nonchalant, as if what he was saying was almost an afterthought "you are relegated to trench duty until we break orbit. Kunzhardt will have command of the Tyranthikos for duration of this mission."

It was comical to Tyranus, the Second Captain would likely be stricken with the joyousness of a child with a new toy, even this he would likely find something to dislike as was Kunzhardt's way to complain about everything somehow being an affront to him. Truly the most logical choice, have your siege captain command the foremost assault units...It likely won't matter in this campaign He lamented inwardly at the absolutely miniscule chance this had of blowing up in Kunzhardt's face. He would face his 'punishment' with aplomb, he was as ever, a survivor, but his mind was set forth now more than ever to the future. This campaign would be a wash for him.

As he brooded outside of the war room aboard the Ferra Perpetua, he looked to his escorts, he wondered what they were, these three 'Honor Guard.' If they were loyal to the WarSmith above all else, then what need did he have of them? They were nothing more than wardens, seeking to hold him as a prisoner in plain view, he had only just been reminded of it.

"Get your hands off of me you pig. I am curious as to why you are so vigilantly defending a warrior who was tainted by the Pantheon, Kunzhardt. You've been killing off men during your training exercises, and now a Nurgle following arises in your ranks! Where does your loyalty lie half-breed?" Lugerev was squirming in the grasp of Kunzhardt, who was apparently after the man for some wrong done to one of his men at the hands of the the maddened Primus Medicae. Tyranus hoped greatly that the Second Captain would crush Lugerev in his power fist, crush him until his insides spurted and ruptured out through the bastard's eyes and shattered ribs. But the ensuing bloodshed that would take the XIXth would certainly stall their current campaign if not outright bring it to an immediate halt. As it was, even if this little spat didn't end in blood and death, Lugerev's handlers would likely be made aware of the affront. Kunzhardt had put himself in a precarious position and whether he let Lugerev live or killed him mattered little, The Twins would likely seek him out sooner rather than later looking for retribution for their 'Brother.' Lugerev of course was a sad excuse for a Primus Medicae, or even an aspirant of the Apothecarion these days, his past glories should not have ever been enough to keep him in his station, but he was protected by The Twins, and likely even more meaningfully, Pelegon knew that they had little in the way of alternatives to replace the fool.

Adriun then appeared and seemed to be working to mediate the scuffle, but by his words he too realized that there had already been damage done. Kunzhardt's foolishness had quite possibly brought forth even more hatred towards all of those who were not of 'Pure Blood'. Adriun's interference spoke to the man's weakness, his desire to keep peace was wasted here, Kunzhardt had already all but guaranteed reprisal, not just against himself, but likely against all those who were half bloods and outsiders.

With his wardens in tow he vanished down a corridor, moving away from the spat between Kunzhardt and Lugerev, caring not for whatever the ending of the altercation would be. He would make preparations, not only to lead and participate in the trench lines but also to sure up as much as he could within his company should any form of reprisal come from the 'Pure Bloods' in the wake of Kunzhardt's foolishness before they dropped planetside for their campaign.
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