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I have no problem with anybody who wants to compete in this forum's competitions. If AD-B were to compete in HOES, would we kick him out? I have no qualms if somebody who is very good at painting who is a member of the Heresy community joins such a competition--sure, it means my slight chances of winning are rendered even more non-existent, but to the deserving, and to those who have put the time into their painting & honed their talent, should go the plaudits.

How would we define a "pro," anyways? If SilverTabby, longtime board resident who won a Silver Golden Daemon, tried to enter, would we kick her out?

I absolutely don't mind having greater examples of excellent painting to inspire me to aspire to. People who don't want to vote for pros, however they define a pro, don't have to; I maintain that the rules are fine as is.

(Edit: huh, this came out sounding a bit stronger than I meant it to. I mean, I guess it's all true, but I really meant to come across in a much more "meh, I don't mind if anybody wants to compete" sort of tone. Oops...)

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