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Adriun had let the Captain of the Second leave before him, as Adriun was lost in his thoughts, disappointed with the death to come. He walked out slowly, and then with a more hurried pace when he heard the conflict that erupted.

"Brother Kunzhardt what are you doing?!" He said questioningly as he saw the Power fist toting marine hefting up the unarmored Medicae.

He got close and his Mechadendrites came to bear, in case he needed to subdue the captain, but he would see if the situation could be diffused first. "Kunzhardt, do not act rashly, Lugerev is essential to the company, for as long as he is fit to perform his station."

He knew the Medicae was not mentally sound though, and so he wasn't truly coming to his defense but instead hoping to keep what would ensure more death in the company did not happen before they were on a battlefield.

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