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This turn of events was entirely unexpected and left the second captain somewhat bewildered. A moment ago he was squaring down towards the warsmith and had anticipated a verbal fight between just him and Pelegon then a moment later the bat was in line lamenting like a child for a new toy but more for glory alone than for purpose only to have himself stripped of his Tyranthikos and relegated to trench stationing like a standard 4th Legionnaire while Kunzhardt was equipped with the trappings of the 1st Company for the remainder of the Pelexis deployment. What was the angle of this? Was Kunzhardt to become the Hammer and Anvil in his own right? To crush a position with fire and then to drop the weighted blade of the 1st? The idea of such an indomitable monopoly on power swam through his thoughts for a moment and he imagined entire worlds bathed in blood and fire cowing to the XIXth before him. Whispers from millions of corrupted souls sought his ear promising untold power and the proper title of warsmith of the XIXth belonging to him hoping to capitalize on the temporary award only to be silenced by sheer will power and forced from his thoughts.

It was a plague that every denizen of the warp had to contend with. Like an eternity in purgatory that would crush lesser men much like their more twisted brethren seeking refuge in the Eye however Kunzhardt took considerable pride in that, like diamonds, the constant pressure and temptations did not break him; rather it steeled his resolve and like a finely made sword folded over numerous times only served to compound his immovable spirit. He finished his time with the Warsmith with a somewhat befuddled posture before returning his composure and saluted the warsmith.

"You honor me, Warsmith. Wolf blood will flow steadily."

Leaving the room he nodded to both Tyranus and Aldruin as they spoke their peace albeit with a slight snark towards Tyranus. He was not necessarily one to gloat but such punishment was fitting; the bat would need to learn his place as it was obvious in however many millennia he knew Pelegon that he'd yet to understand the selfless methods undertaken by the Fourth. The objective was all that mattered.

Just before leaving the room one of his attendants came to him greatly flustered. It was his Lieutenant* assigned to be his eyes and ears with all legionnaires examined by Coeus and Lugarev. The zealous entry demanded a rebuke but it would not be without reason.

"Damn it, Barbyr! Steel yourself and report!"

Like a Pavlovian response the Iron Warrior snapped to an impeccable attention and maintained deathlike stillness.

"Apologies Centurion! If I may!"

There was silence and a click as the Lieutenant* engaged a private vox link. There was a brief pause but no click from Kunzhardt. At once the Captain growled in an unparalleled rage and stormed from the room. He'd heard the voice only a moment ago where was the murderous bastard? Outside the hall resided his prey and in robes! The fool marched the halls unprotected. All at once he thrusted out the colossal powerfist open handed and unpowered clutching folds of robes over his sternum and thrusting it forward forcefully pushing the Primus Medicae into the wall. The arm hissed and clicked as the pistons fired and locked into place then left only silence.

"Chaos consume you foul wretch! Far too many of my own have died under your gaze!"

He felt his grip tightening around the cloth. Everything in him wanted to annihilate the senile fool right now. To mulch him into a pile of goo and to cast him to the laughing Gods but only steps away from two Captains and the Warsmith himself would not have been wise. Still he was thinking of nothing more than blood and felt his left arm cocking ready to strike a blow into the Medicae, it would not be an enjoyable fight, the apothecary was unarmoured and wouldn't pose a great threat but there would still be some satisfaction in the feeling of warm blood.

"Now you seek Chaos with warped thoughts! I'll rid this Grand Company of the obvious taint myself!"

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