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I fully understand that there should not be any limitation on who can enter the monthly painting competition. However just as Khornes Fist pointed out this is the first time that it has been done. at least to my knowledge. I enter the competition every month if i can to challenge myself to get better and because i feel like a little friendly competition s just the right way to motivate me to push myself that extra mile. Mind you it sometimes works it sometimes doesnt thats how things go. And i'm never upset about losing because in the end i gain something out of the experience. Losing to Nordicus or DaisyDuke or any of the other guys that we have is not an issue because i know that if i work hard enough i will be able to eventually get on par with their abilities and be able to beat them. But i also know that i will never get on equal footing with someone who paints miniatures for a living. Most of us do this as a hobby not as a major source of income. There is no denying the skill that is displayed by many of our commission painters and painting services but i just don't feel that they should be entering a competition aimed at the "hobbyist". If there was to be a competition for those who do commissions separate from the monthly deathmatch then that would be fine by me. In the end I will accept whatever the outcome of this discussion is regardless of how i feel about it. I enjoy being a member of this community and that fact that these types of discussions are around are part of keep me here.

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