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Hi guys, and gals

I enter competitions to win titles and to compete with others, as their spirit intended
I enter Heresy Online competitions as Heresy Online member, as their spirit intended

It's not my responsibility to choose my opponents, it's their responsibility to do the best they can. Let me give You an example. I'm currently painting 6-8 very high quality entries for Hussar 2014 in which at least 3 of top 10 painters in the world are entering. I'm at number 296. Should i forgo the preparations? No, now i have 3 of the top 10 painters to try to beat.
You should do the same and don't judge Your work against other 'amateurs', judge them against 'pros'.

Yes i do take money for my work as a miniature painter, and there are many painters who earn in this respect but don't paint on such high level as mine. And there are probably from 0 to 295 painters who do the same that are much better than me.

Competition is a competition. Rules are rules.
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