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Originally Posted by Pelegon
Pelegon watched the Master of the Forge. He respected Adriun's abilities and
"The populace, what of it survives our bombardment, will be scanned for potential recruits, as has always been standard practice - as astartes they will be more than they could ever have imagined, grubbing in the dirt of their rotten empire. But for the mechanicus...you know I disdain the use of mortal soldiers. Too unreliable, too weak. That is a request I cannot condone"

The Warsmith shifted in his chair, and rested his chin on a knuckle, briefly in thought.

"Loakk may have as much Wolf gene-seed as he desires, but on the express condition that it is not implanted in any of my recruits, and that it never sees the light of the Imperium again. I was planning on destroying it; an experimental substrate seems a far better use of that resource"
He was pleased that Warsmith did not jump down his throat as the Captain of the First experienced.

"If not as Tech-soldier recruits? Then as Tech-Priests and Savants? To keep the Pure ranks of our Mechanicus allies strong against their more corrupt bretheren. If not I understand."

He was disappointed, even if he refused to show it, but he knew this was a mistake, to throw away so many lives for so little gain. He could not see the purpose beyond goading an old enemy. He would have to hope for another day to bolster the mechanicus ranks, while the Grand Company would not use their Tech Guard, the Mechanicus kept one off world to protect themselves and to help in their pursuit of technology. His allies would be left to their own devices for now.

"And Loakk would never consider testing it on Recruits, it is simply to better understand gene-seed and hopefully what makes a gene-seed corrupt, and therefore a solution to purify gene-seed. A lofty goal, this boon of lesser Gene-seed will get him closer to that goal. Thank you Pelegon." He said with some sincerity.

Knowing he would get no further with the Warsmith he left.

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