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Default 1500 point taghmata omnissiah list

This doesnt go in any army sub thread since it's an army from the horus heresy series rather than a standard codex, but for anyone who has experience using the mechanicum, this is a 1500 point list I've thought up. What are your thoughts? Do I have enough anti tank/infantry? models?

Archmagos Prime 250
-2x Phased Plasma-fusil
-2x Cyber-occularis

15x Tech-thralls 110
-Carapace armor
-Induction Charges
-Revenant Alchemistry

3x Thallax Cohort 150

3x Thallax Cohort 150

3x Myrmidon Secutors 240
-each with 2x Phased Plasma-fusil

1x Krios Venator 150

3x Myrmidon Destructors 195
-each with Volkite Culverin

1x Thanatar Class Siege-automata 255
-enhanced targeting array

The thoughts behind set up are as follows. Myrmidax joins the blob of 20 in center deployment (probably on an objective). the cyber-occulari spread out on either flank/side to accompany a squad of thallax and myrmidons sitting at good points of line of sight for the Thanatar's barage (hiding w the assault jump). Big tank of death chills in some cover and does what it does best, then switches priority to anti-heavy infantry once all tanks are gone. Hunter killer missiles is to combat one-weapon syndrome. Overall I think it might work well, but I've never played admech before so I'd like to perfect it before I give forgeworld my financial security.


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