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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
My sandbags look pretty sad in comparison to yours. I think I need to step up the general size of them so the get up above the waist. Not that they don't still give you a cover save for being 25% obscured of course. Here's a pic of what I got up to:

From the front a lot more of the model is obscured. I also just straight up used the handle on my knife to do the imprinting.

That looks good man and it is a really awesome idea to use the handle for the imprinting - I will use that next time! Something I found that also added to the final product was laying them closely together. Real sandbags only work if there are no gaps! The size and shape of your bags is great! I reckon if you keep adding (noting they already give the CS you want) and pack them in a little tighter you will probably be happier with the end result!

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