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Originally Posted by Code: Crimson View Post
Alrighty, so Tau has been covered, next I'm going to cover a rarer opponent; Dark Eldar!
Huh, you might have been better off waiting for their new codex coming out very soon--you might have to rewrite chunks of this. But you'e aware of that, yeah, so...

Originally Posted by Code: Crimson View Post
- ADL, Quadgun: MOAR Autocannons! Also kills their flyer and can intercept the Jetbikers.
Bear in mind that with the changes to Interceptor, a Quadgun can only snap fire at non-skimmer ground targets, like Jetbikes...

All in all, good general overview, though I would have liked a bit more dissection of special rules inherent to certain units, and the like--I've faced DE few enough times that they can still definitely pull some nasty tricks out of the bag on me...

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