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all in all, changes look like they have made character units, in particular the Archon, worse.
No more AP2 Huskblade means no more bruiser Archon builds, effectively removing one of the few reliable anti-TEQ combat units.
Artifacts look poor. Guessing the old classic Agoniser+Splinter pistol+Shadow field cheapo Archon will be the only viable way to get one in game.

Arc-Angel of pain looks like a oneshot nuke. Has potential, the sort of thing that would miraculously go off perfectly in a WD battle-rep/internet story.

Talos/chronos as 1-3 I do like, I think we'll seem ore of them now, and having armies of Grotesques and Talos could see some 'Darkzilla' armies possible, however not too competitive.

The loss of Vect to a supplement is a shame, seeing as the Baron and Duke were the only 2 characters worth taking other than him.
I honestly think they should've made the base codex Vect's 'normal' style of DE, then made the Heamon-covens and Dark City entertainment district (Wyches, Hellions etc) the supplements.

Splinter racks now effecting all Splinter weapons will be interesting. Drive-by Splinter cannons may be a viable tactic now.
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