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Upon leaving his brothers at the end of the Warsmiths words, he sent a short Vox message to one of his sergeants
"Brother Dantioch. News."
He was greeted by a moment of empty silence before the reply was received as his fellow instructor likely finished berating a recruit for some small failure. " Seventy percent of the current rotation are meeting their required firerate-accuracy quotas. Recruits Oron and Elean continue to meet sub par standards on the range. However they show aptitude for their close combat drills. They have been assigned additional duties pending your confirment. Addittionally Recruit Zacherie continues to show conspicuously high results on all training regimes. Report ends. What news from the Warsmith Brother-Captain?"
He had served with brother Dantioch back when he was still a raw recruit and along with brother Kennoch of the Fifth Company they were the only two of his squad who survived the events of the Carens Grace conflict.
"We are leaving here, Inform the others to be ready."
As Vargus entered the training fields he saw the Stage Six recruits going through their firing drills. Scanning around the group for failures, he sought out his senior instructors from the group. As he advanced over towards his brothers he noticed a number of recruits not following the training they had received. "Recruits! What are you doing wrong?"
All of them paused and looked at Vargus "Erm-" The three at fault stammered.
"Dont stop firing" Vargus snapped, eyes scanning across the three recruits, pulling their names from his memory.
"Sir, we werent counting our rounds, sir." they responded in unison. Yes thought Vargus, recruits Oron and Elean, he would have to do something to ensure they learned, the hard way that this wasnt acceptable. He was surprised by the third however, Recruit Aphessius normally an above average achiever within the ranks of the tenths recruits. "Good, you recognise your failings. Dont, let this happen again." Vargus strode off to meet with his instructors leaving the recruits to wonder on what he said and likely with an elated feeling on escaping without a visible punishment. Little did they know that he had a plan for them before leaving for orbit.
As he reached the collection of his three other instructors he paused hearing his vox come alive with a message from the Seer “Captain Vargus, after your training session, would you send the recruit at station 16 to the Librarium.” He paused turning to observe the recruit at the station referenced. Activating his vox he turned back to his instructors "How many of the recruits have failed in their training this cycle?"
Dantioch was the first to answer "Thirty eight percent of the total training force have incurred some minor failing, I have compiled it into todays archive." Vargus could tell Dantioch was puzzled by the request such a thing was not nomally of immediate relavance to the captain. "What word from the Warsmith Brother-Captain?" pushed instructor Elogan his impatience for glory clearly showing. "We prepare to march brothers,but first we have one last trial for our charges. Ready the training fort." He switched his vox to the channels of the tenth "All instructors collect those who have failed on todays cycle and direct them towards the training fort, give them one hour to prepare their defenses using the armaments available to them. Then send the others to assualt it. Those that survive we will take with us to orbit when we mobilise." With his orders acknowledged he closed the vox and began to prepare for his role in the coming conflict whatever form that may take. The Seers request would have to wait, he just hoped the recruit was better at defending a fort then he was at firing a gun.
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