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Sorcery. Of all the miserable filth that tormented this fortress the abominations that haunted the librarium were by far the worst. At the head of that horror show was the prince of it all. The inbred twin that touted his own sanguine purity over the rest of the fortress. The presence of his twin at the head of another chapter only added to the disdain. Perhaps they were Alpha Legionnaires that had done such an impressive job of infiltrating the Grand Company. He'd never bore witness to proof of their descent from Perturabo. He held no special place for the Librarium and knew that there was no place for a non-Olympian with them. There was a clawing at his mind that seemed to herald the coming of one of those warp touched monsters every time they entered the room. It was different than the millions of whispers every soul within the Eye felt; the promises of power, the whispers of betrayal, hungry immortals toying with Astartes like marionettes it was like the tendrils of Slaanesh working their way through his very brain and every time he'd encountered a sorcerer Kunzhardt wanted nothing more than to blast the foul thing from the face of existence.

The presence of Coeus and his cabal were ill omens within his hangar especially considering the foul news that had barely just escaped Tyranus' lips. The captain of the second said nothing during the two's altercation, silently hoping that whatever anger he'd stirred in the 1st captain only moments ago would find an outlet in the entrails of Coeus. Alas there was enough calm left over to drag the Captain and his Tyranthikos away from the hangar leaving only a few sorcerers and a full regiment in armour and bolters, another fight waiting to happen.

"And your zeal could not have been more accelerated if a Dark God was present in the flesh of this much I'm certain, witch."

Teeth grated and fists clenched. He would revel in the opportunity to tear the entire length of tongue from Coeus' throat and to strangle him with it but again there would be no glory here. He returned the glaring knight like helmet to its place sealing his armour once more. He had shown Tyranus a consideration not normally shown in his domain. The battle training within the second was not meant to halt. It was meant to inspire the greatest glory; true training in a true battle to yield strong warriors and that meant full battle regalia. At this point he realized that his men had been idle far too long for his liking and anger swelled up within him.

"You would conduct an inquisition mere days before a battle!? Would you see XIXth blood spilt? You may have your hunt, Coeus but know I will hold you accountable for every soldier that falls because they were being given physicals instead of training. . . Squad Kon'tu Report!"

The last line was barked into the hangar as he engaged the vox casters and within scant moments five additional soldiers had scrambled from the trenches and were in a line before the Captain. Kunzhardt closed with each of them walking down the line like a lion sizing up the prey scrutinizing their stench for impurity seemingly exhaling steam from the grill of his mark III helmet in anger. He turned finally to the sorcerer's before him.

"They are yours. . .Seer but I will stand watch over your investigation."

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