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And from BoLS regarding the Battle Report:

ia Dakka's MongooseMatt (the community thanks you!)

Impressions from the WD Battle Report:
1. The Wyches and Beasts are not part of the same unit. That dream has gone.

2. The three Talos and one Cronos _seem_ to be a single choice (Heavy Support, presumably).

3. Voidravens appear to be Heavy Support, the Razorwing Fast Attack, _if_ this army is battle-forged (there are three detachments, so I am presuming so).

4. As for the result of the battle report, the Dark Eldar got first turn and started with all three Voidravens on the table rather than having them wait for reserves (a special one-off scenario rule, not a Codex one). Meanwhile the Guard have their Tempestus units, plus Valkyries and a bunch of Ogryns arriving in Turn 3. Don't know if the points values are equal, but if they are...

5. Deployment - no one here would deploy as the Guard player did by choice. Leman Russ as close as possible to the enemy? When your objective is to keep your side of the table clear of enemy units?

6. Reading between the lines, i think I see how Feel no Pain works. As said here earlier, they get new benefits every turn.

Turn 1 - Nothing
Turn 2 - Furious Charge, I would guess by the descriptions in the text.
Turn 3 - Feel no Pain for _every_ Dark Eldar on the table.
Turn 4: Not sure yet. If FC is not turn 2, it is here.
Turn 5: Fearless.

If you have a Haemonculus with you (or Urien is close), that unit is effectively a turn ahead. Or maybe, just maybe, the _effect_ is improved by the presence of a Haemonculus. So, Furious Charge gets +2 S, FnP gets 4+. All a bit ambiguous.

7. Voidravens get some sort of Jink that does not affect their firing. Maybe. Again, a bit ambiguous there.

8. The Archon and Incubi gets ambushed by Ogryns and has to be rescued by Wyches and Grotesques. Tempted to say no change there then...

9. Void Mine we have heard about, killing a whole guard unit. However, it should be noted that, elsewhere in the battle, one gets dropped (with precision, they say) on Ogryns, killing just one and wounding another, and a third gets dropped on a Guard Command Squad, killinga bunch but leaving the commander and medic alive. So, not all powerful.

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