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Default Terrain Time - not with Tim the Tool Man...

Evening guys,

I have been starting to work on some terrain pieces. The aim of this blog is to track my techniques and ideas whilst I develop a number of terrain pieces designed to fit into the story for my Urbanised Imperial Guard army. Army details are in my Sig block.

I am trying to stick to GW kits or conversions in a similar style - I like the style that GW terrain tries to recreate rather than the really SCI-FI style that other companies produce.

I have worked a lot with greenstuff in the past and enjoy adding the 'accessories' to the standard kits to give them an individual character. All my pieces have been designed with a style/story in mind. Here is an example of a piece I did for a friend a while ago which was developed as a tactical command post in some old ruins:

As part of my new projects I am working on a number of Administratum buildings in a similar style.

This first one will be similar command post to the one above. The second story is detachable for easy storage. Note the 'reinforcement' that has been done by the defenders to keep the structure stable. I have added a lot of brass rod for the refro in the flooring and walls - took a LONG time and not sure I will do it again given its time consumption and how sharp the end result can get - tried with plastic rod but it tends not to work as well and breaks easily. There will be a lot of sandbagging to be done as well as large amounts of rubble and installing the CP in the base of the building with an antenna running to the roof.

I am also working on this smaller Administratum building that has been driven through by a vehicle - the gap between the pieces will be increased to factor for the width of a LRBT when it is mounted on a base. Here again is the 'reinforcement' done by previous inhabitants as well as a small plate bridge to keep the roof open for fighters to move freely across the gap. Goal is a lot of sandbagging and some small bits to add character.

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