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Captain Kalistarion...Suddenly it came back to him. The schism within the First Legion, Lucian coming to the XIXth after a joint battle that left them without transportation, and his rise to Captaincy.

The chamber doors shut once again. Lugerev straightened his spine, taking his hand away from his face and relaxing. With a deep breath he turned to face Iapetus, his eyes still and clear.

‘He’s an odd one,’ he motioned with his thumb pointing towards the doors, indicating Lucian.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone’s opinion change so quickly.’

He chuckled.

‘First you will only hinder his success, and now things will most assuredly go smoother if the two of you combine your efforts. That is quite confusing.’

Iapetus grinned at him, looking rather amused at something. 'He hounds glory,' the Shipwright said, after a moment. 'The Dark Angel is Pelegon's favoured pet, an assassin, a spy - Creeping closer and closer to the Warsmith,' He shook his head. 'How long until Pelegon lays with a slit throat?'

‘That’s a very good point, actually. Being such a master at sabotage and born of what is still considered a loyal legion to the throne on terra, should cause our warsmith a bit more concern. I rather miss Endymion and Krotas’

'Don't we all?' Iapetus countered. 'We are a dying breed, Lugerev. On times, I regret ever fleeing Terra. We should have stood, stood and died, rather than face this long-death.'

‘Yes..stood, as stubborn and unfaltering as any of the Iron Warriors before us. Perhaps it is there we lost ourselves, then. I think it is safe to assume we were not the only ones, at least, who lost our way that day.’ Lugerev said this, with his eyes wandering over the ceiling.

Iapetus leant against the table. 'We keep the company of Dark Angels and Night Lords. Half of our brothers' hearts pump with the blood of our enemies.'

‘Pelegon justifies this mission over ten pairs of geneseed. I lost another one of Kunzhardt’s men today, due to a training accident. Geneseed is quite fragile. Most likely, all ten, if captured, wouldn’t make it into a final product fully intact and stable anyway. I suppose I am good enough...’ His tone wandered off a bit at the end.

Lugerev glided back to the table edge, where he began sliding his finger tips over the metal surface in a delicate manner, back and forth, then swirling them in circular motions.

‘Iapetus, I do not like the idea of mutts in our midst. Mongrels, hybrids, half-breeds...

He turned and cocked his head toward the 7th Captain with an all too happy smile.

‘You know this.’

'Our breed is endangered. The Iron Tenth, Ultramarines, Imperial Fists,' He ground his teeth together. 'And now Salamanders? Those which we fought against, those that bled us dry, haunt our ranks.'

Lugerev danced his fingers around some more. He gave a stern look to Iapetus.

‘Just make sure I get to that geneseed first. I don't want anyone else touching it.'

And with that, the Chief Apothecary took his leave.

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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