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He was glad to have his helm on at the entrance of The Seer, "Is that so Tyberus?” Coeus spoke with a glaring smugness as he spoke his former name that made the man even more unbearable. “Best you get back to your company and make sure to remove such taint from your menials before I do,” His helm shielded the visage of the snarl that his face took on, and his response was measured and hid the boiling anger that welled up within him. "First Captain or Tyranus will do, furthermore I will not impede your investigation, but my right to be present for any such investigation will be enacted."

Tyranus could feel the icy cold of the warp touched aura of Coeus clawing at his mind, he strained to shield what he could, but he knew that he was not a psyker and his efforts were likely in vain. He exhaled and sought to rebuke The Seer any way he could, "You shall not find any taint within The First. The only weakness within The First was purged millenia ago and now are harbored within the Seventh." His reference to the Veterans who had abandonned their oaths to the First Company was hardly veiled.

With that he and his Honor Guard took their exit, Tyranus was left fuming over the encounter though. "Our plan has changed, bring us to The Keep, I shall not have The Seers minions digging their claws into our Brothers without being properly supervised." Tyranus was unsure of what he would do, to unleash his rage and strike down one of The Seventh's warp touched servants would have catastrophic results, still the very notion of being under any form of investigation stung at his honor like not other.
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