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Pelegon admitted that his frustrations had clouded his judgement. He was wary that I would not be so driven to purify the company of an Olympian. "You misunderstand Warsmith..." I said, and concern I had about retaliation swiftly draining as the Warsmith gave ground to my sound council. "...I would prosecute an Olympian just as thoroughly. It is just fortunate that such cases are far rarer than the cases of corruption amongst our other brethren." The last words dragged as I spoke them. I censored my language, but Pelegon would know what I meant. Pelegon expressed a trust in my abilities, which stroked my ego but ultimately changed nothing. It was good to know ones power, and that was something that me and the Warsmith shares; we needed no one to remind us of the power we wielded.

However, he also asked me to consider something. He reached out and marked the neophyte that I had spotted. What was this fresh devilry? I was not inclined to show my emotions, but I cocked my head at the Warsmith's...what did I call it? Intuition? I had not yet felt that the man was a psyker, but I also did not believe in coincidences. Perhaps it was just being in the warp for so long, he had developed some form of pseudo-sixth sense? It shed light on why his mind was guarded so heavily. What else was he capable of. If nodded in approval of the Warsmith's choice as I pondered this. My mental walls were impregnable, but that didn't mean the Warsmith hadn't tried to breach them. Maybe he stroked my defences even as I tested his. If I was wary of the Warsmith before, I had a new reason to be so. Until I could assertain what he was capable of, I would have to redouble my guard.

There was something in his hands too. He gestured and the marking appeared. Likely some technical marvel of his own devising, but I wasn't interested in that. What had before been an interesting quirk had become a new factor which I would have to consider in any plans. How had I missed it? Was this a recent development? Some quirk of spending time in the warp for so long, or was it a talent Pelegon had possessed all along and I had never realised. Warp-damn him. He shouldn’t be able to surprise me. All that registered was my surprise but behind my ever higher reaching bastions of mental fortitude I was still processing this revelation as Pelegon explained the benefits of letting these half-breeds infect our beloved Grand Company.

“My concern is not merely blood purity, but purity in the holistic sense…” My voice was serious, equal parts threat and a promise. “…if an Olympian, even Iapetus, knelt before the Dark Gods, rest assured I would be just as quick to pass judgement over them.” It was mostly true. I expected purity from the Olympians. They had to show the half-breeds what it truly meant to be “Unbroken”. However, even heretics could recant, a luxury I rarely afforded those already tainted in their flesh. The Olympians had proved faithful thus far and I never imagined I would have to make good on the words I said now to reassure Pelegon.

The Warsmith ordered a thorough investigation of not just the 2nd, but the entire Grand Company. “I will bring the full force of the Librarium to bear in this investigation, Even so, a thorough investigation of every member will take time. I hope you realise this Warsmith.” Pelegon nodded. I assumed he would rather I was certain every member of the Grand Company was utterly clear of taint than it be rushed and stones left unturned. “I will start with the 2nd Company and if any further roots of corruption emerge, I will follow them. If not, I will simply make sure each company is fully investigated.” I switched my vox channel to the 10th Company Captain, Vargus. Another half-breed. I would undo all the damage he had done in the would be Librarian in due course. “Captain Vargus, after your training session, would you send the recruit at station 16 to the Librarium.” I killed the link.

I turned my attention back to the Warsmith. “I will keep you informed of any developments in my investigation...” I held a closed fist across my primary heart. “…Iron Within.” With that, I left the outer walls of our fortress and began to work my way back to the Librarium. I could mentally apprise the members of my not-so-small cabal of the investigation, but sometimes it did good to be seen and not merely heard. In total there were 27 psykers of varying levels, excluding myslef, in the Librarium and they were spread between all the companies, although not equally. The 7th had five librarians to themselves, six when I accompanies them which was frequently. It meant I had 1 psyker for just under every 100 battle-brothers. Although none of them possessed my powers of discernment, all of them were skilled enough to spot taint at the very least. If they met resistance past that, their superiors would intervene. Failing that, I would break the unfortunate soul.

It was several minutes before I reached the Librarium, and I took the time to mentally summon all those who were not ship bound. When I got there, there was at least one psyker of some rank which was attached to each company present. I told them that they were to perform a mental sweep of each member of each company and that I would wander between companies, offering further interrogations where my subordinates had concerns and otherwise ensuring the thoroughness of the investigation. There were no questions. It was rare that we had to enact a Grand Companywide investigation, but all of us were trained in the arts of telepathy and spotting the taint of the warp in the hearts of others. I dismissed them back to their companies to begin their own personal investigations.

“Codicier Felix, Codicier Gnore and Lexicanium Harvald. You will accompany me…” I paused for dramatic effect. Everyone here was a true Iron Warrior, each carried Perturabo’s seed. Most importantly, they shared my vision for the rise of the Grand Company. There was a note of mischief in my voice. “…We are going to investigate the 2nd Company.” The three of them smiled like hungry wolves. We stalked the halls. The halls cleared before our imposing form. As we marched to the 2nd Company’s lair, I reach out to Iapetus. *Brother, when you are done shaming the Calibanite, wait for me in my chambers. We must talk about some revelations I have had.* I withdrew from my brother’s mind. I had to prepare my entrance.

As we entered the 2nd Company’s training hall, I noticed wandering members of the Tyranthikos. They had no earthly reason to be here. Unless their Nostraman captain was also here. How delightful. I reached out and found both the Gorgon and the Night Lord, their consciousness huddled together. Tyberus was unveiling a plan and Kunzhardt was dismissing it. Then Tyberus, with self-satisfied glee revealed that he knew of the taint. Now how was that. A name, just below the surface which I plucked, the Night Lord’s emotions running to high and too volatile for him to realise. Draxus. Marvelous. My mouth contorted briefly into a grin.

I smothered any such glee from my expression as I entered the room where both the captains were ‘discussing’ matters.
“…Be wary, for when The Seer investigates your Company and likely the Grand Company as a whole he will make sure he finds "taint" where he wishes to see it.” I could not have hoped for a more perfect moment to enter.
“Is that so Tyberus?” I said, my voice carrying with it the icy chill of judgement. “Best you get back to your company and make sure to remove such taint from your menials before I do.” I was tempted to smile saccharinely at the Night Lord, but I resisted the urge. “You will find several Librarians hopefully already beginning an investigation of your men. On orders of the Warsmith, you are to afford them every privilege, comply with their wishes and assist them in their investigation. In due course, I will make my way to your Tyranthikos.”

With that, my attention turned to Kunzhardt. “As for you, my friend,…” the words were almost spat with no doubt left as to the irony of the term “…I have come to investigate your Company first, since this is where the taint first showed its diseased flower. You may continue with your preparations for the coming campaign, but me and my men will move amongst you and examine each and every warrior under your command and ascertain the depth of this infection.” My entourage filled out behind me to begin the necessary work. They didn’t need Kunzhardt’s approval. They had mine, and I had the Warsmith’s. “I would like…” I began, meeting the Gorgon’s flinty glare, feeling waves of impotent animosity wash over me. “…to begin by interrogating your man Rorke’s squad-mate’s and commanding officer.” It was not a request, but I sincerely hoped that Kunzhardt tried to deny me my right. Such a move would imply harbouring taint, and the sanction for such a crime would be up to me to decide…

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