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I'm off to work but I wanted to post a quick teaser.

"If the Adeptus Astartes are the Emperor's wrath, and the Imperial Guard His hammer, then His Holy Navy is His mighty shield." -Cardinal Kregory Hestor

A vindictive monster has just murdered more than a million souls under my command, and I have no doubt, none whatsoever, that he hungers for more. I wish I could take a moment to grieve. A moment to reflect and honor those magnificent vessels: Aquila's Light, Hero Proximo, Ancestral Lake, Cenury Keeper, Flawless Faith and more. Those storied ships, along with their brave crew, have been pulverized into void refuse. I will have to mourn them tomorrow, because today I only hate. My mind is busy formulating a punishment so savage I fear it may change me forever. Conger, my former brother-in-arms, I can see you out there. I imagine you out in the infinite black, hiding and relishing your slaughter. But know this "Lord Admiral", I will unleash His judgment on you like I have never before. You will regret this war. You will regret slithering back out into the light. I swear it.

-Thoughts of Lord Admiral Rockledge, Battlefleet Caligo
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