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Iapetus gently placed his finger tips on the side of Lugerev's sword, pressing it downward. The Apothecary allowed its downward movement, and dropped it low to his side, standing straight again though he was still on edge.

The rest of the conversation became a blur to him. He stood there, motionless, scouring as many of his memories as possible, trying to figure out if he had missed some important detail concerning the First Legion.

The Seer had come back rather quickly. Lugerev tried to hold respect for the Librarian out of his like of Iapetus, but it was difficult to manage at times. Coeus's presence, like it did for so many, caused his face to contort, and his muscles to itch. He was a Warp dabbler, and there was always something to be wary about behind that. They could snap, and at any moment become the host of a powerful Neverborn.

When Pelegon made his leave with Coeus, the door shut leaving him alone with this Lucian, and Iapetus.

He was the first to break the silence this time.

'Iapetus, explain to me who this is.' he said, indicating Lucian with a wave of his hand, frustrated.

'Have I been in the Apothecarium so long that I missed the First Legion deciding to turn their backs on the Imperium, and join our cause? What is this madness? How has he come to be a Captain? Are we not Iron Warriors anymore, but some amalgamation of traitors?'

Lugerev turned away, holding his head in his unarmed hand, breathing heavy, grimacing, growling.

He spoke to to the air now, 'What is going on? What is happening? Is there something wrong with me?"

'Iron within, Iron without, Iron within, iron without, Iron within...'

You can never be prepared for the unexpected

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