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Tyranus allowed himself to grin, Kunzhardt couldn't get rid of him fast enough. "Very well if you wish to discuss a strategem for our assault we can continue it aboard the Ferra Perpetua." There was a flash of danger in his eyes as he continued, his voice barely a whisper, "I have it on reliable sources that a man under your command by the name of Rorke was taken into the Apothecarion, he bore wounds that could have been marks of Chaos. From what I was told he was taken to be examined under the warp tainted vision of Coeus the Seer."

"You speak so readily of my past and my gene stock, but your man Rorke is not of Olympian birth either and has likely been put to death at the hands of the Seer." Tyranus held back the waves of rage, he cared not that a man under the command of another was dead, but a straw in a hay bail. "I am not of Noble Olympian blood, I am of low born Nostramon, I have the blood of a mongrel bat running through my veins, but because of that I am overly familiar with the preambles to a coup. Be wary, for when The Seer investigates your Company and likely the Grand Company as a whole he will make sure he finds "taint" where he wishes to see it."

Tyranus then bowed his head in respect once again, "Perhaps we shall speak again aboard the Ferra Perpetua, if not, Glory to you in our campaign Captain Kunzhardt." The brooding tank in Cataphractii plate then made his leave, quickly enveloped and surrounded by the seven Honor Guard around him as they proceeded to board their Crusader before making their way back to the flagship of First Company.
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