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Originally Posted by Tawa View Post
Me and Flossy are no more
Well that's what you get for sleeping around with every Ewe that walked past!

In other news, more rumors:
via Sebastian Rubio from Facebook
A summary, 2 special edition codices coming out, one Archon edition, one Dracon edition

Voidraven coming out. & the normal codex.
The voidraven has multiple weapon options BTW
Also a Coven painting guide coming out an some cards with new objectives and combat drugs stats.
all for pre-order this saturday 27/09

I have inside knowledge on the next releases: Pre-order for the 4th are:
Archon, Succubus, Vect + Dais. The white dwarf coming out that week mentions the nobility of Commorragh. Might be more, but I have these confirmed as dark eldar releases

via Khain mor on the Dark City
I know what's in the 3th week BTW, 99,99% sure

Week 3, Pre order on the 4th :
-Plastic archon, multiple options from what I've seen so far, I've seen a lot of bitz I've never seen before on any other kit. I know kabalites or wyches won't be updated, meaning those bitz can only come with the archon.
-new succubus, if you check the picture you can see a succubus with the same seapons as the old one, the same arms, but everything else is different. Now plastic or finecast, unsure. This could also be a conversion, however I know for a fact a new Succubus will be released.
- third big release: you can get very excited for this one: Vect + Dais
0 pictures yet, 0 clue what it will look like, I'm expecting something extremely awesome. Vect is a lord of war btw.

BTW another interesting bit on apoc battle report: all dark eldar get FnP on turn 3, fearless on turn 5. A global power from pain it seems. Not many rules are mentioned in the battlereport from what I know.
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