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The Warsmith brooded, not responding to the librarian's taunts. He was tempted to threaten further, to retaliate, but decided that neither course of action was necessary. He had options available to him that would make the librarian weep and beg him for death, even as iron-willed as he was. Yes, Pelegon could himself offer nothing worse than a painful death, but that didn't mean that he couldn't hand the librarian, trussed and gagged, to someone who would be able to do far worse things to him. Such as their Father.

Corporal punishment would be pointless. Pelegon only struck to kill, and what Coeus had done did certainly not warrant such retribution. Aside from this infraction being minor at best, the librarian was quite simply the best at what he did, and Pelegon did not have the time to personally ensure the ideological purity of the XIXth himself in the weeks that it would take for a new epistolary to be appointed, with no clear successor to Coeus. That he had his own means of finding corruption was something that the librarian was clearly ignorant of, and the Warsmith would see it kept that way for the time being. He knew that worship of any of the Dark Gods was a cancer of the mind more than it was the body, for they did not force entry; they had to be invited. However corrupt and blighted a body might appear, the mind would be far worse.

"I have allowed my own frustrations to cloud my judgement" the Warsmith grated, the realization coming forth naturally and easily from his lips. As with many in the IVth legion, Pelegon was quick to anger, but once roused, his fury easily abated. It was not without difficulty, and exercising his indomitable willpower over himself, that the Warsmith swallowed his words.

"Know that I do not doubt your abilities, Coeus, but think that you might be less driven to assist the 2nd Captain in maintaining his company's purity were he of Olympian blood. Your counsel is, I know, never given without due thought, but I would like you to consider this"

The Warsmith watched the recruits continuing to train, his eyes seeking one out in particular. It had started as a low hum in his head, but in his mind's eye Pelegon could see the hum visually represented as an aura. One of the recruits was a psyker, though he didn't know it. Likely he was not from an Imperial world, otherwise he would have been dragged off on one of the Black Ships and fed to the Emperor they so revered.

One of the advantages of an eidetic memory, given to all astartes, was the ability to perfectly picture any scene from one's past. In his mind, Pelegon saw the recruits shooting at targets, as they had all been doing, and the aura settled on the head of one. Lights betrayed the presence of other entities, not of the material universe, flitting near him, drawn to the psyker. Unfortunately, Pelegon could not assess his psychic strength, as Coeus had a similar glow, though were this ability able to assess strength he knew that the light from Coeus would be strong enough to blind him - though this was an ability he would hone with time. The hum allowed him to establish the corrupt from the pure. The last time he had spoken to their Father, the dark aura around him had almost entirely obscured the daemon prince from Pelegon's vision.

Pelegon used his armour's targeter to mark out the neophyte in question, the circle appearing in Coeus' HUD. He was dark skinned and broad-shouldered, one of the older neophytes, with harsh features suggesting that he had not had an easy life even before his induction into the IVth legion.

The Warsmith couldn't help but be pleased at Coeus' inability to contain his surprise, but continued to talk as if the matter had been nothing more than a distraction. Which, of course, it hadn't been. Pelegon liked to keep his cards close to his chest, and with that had given away more than was strictly necessary, but he didn't want to keep the Epistolary in the dark.

"Consider this; the XIXth are currently at a fighting strength of 2474 astartes, neophytes and recruits notwithstanding. Of those, we have 1312 with original IVth legion gene-seed. When I assumed command, the XIXth was at a fighting strength of 2000, all with IVth legion gene-seed. Our apothecarion was not, in the past, lacking in ability or drive; the losses have been a result of nonrecoverable deaths in combat and, some very few, from corruption of gene-seed due to Warp influence - an unavoidable side-effect of the world we now call home. We stand now stronger than we ever did during the Crusade. You view those without our gene-seed as corruption, I view them as much a part of our legion as we are. Without the gene-seed of other legions, the XIXth could not wage war as we currently do"

Leaning over the parapet, the Warsmith held out a hand experimentally and testing his newly-assembled targeter, pulling in co-ordinates and seeing how quickly he could compile multiple sets of co-ordinates for simultaneous barrages, ordering and re-ordering the firing sequences. Of course, none of the firing orders were sent to any units, merely deleted from his cogitator's memory banks as soon as they were completed. Though not as illustrious as that of Coeus and Iapetus, Pelegon's own Olympian bloodline was above question. Thus, perhaps Coeus would listen to him. If not, and the Warsmith had no reason to believe that matters would change, then affairs would continue as they always had. Were they to rid themselves of this petty bickering then the XIXth could be so much more.

"I know that your brother feels the same way regarding blood purity, and I order that you do not allow your dislike to affect your professional relationship with the Second Captain, among others. Iapetus can draw the remaining Olympians around himself like some sort of cabal, if he wishes, but drifting in the cold void they only distance themselves further from what we were meant to do" the giant dropped down to one knee, knocking the ceramite bricks beneath him with a knuckle, before rising to his feet as a servo skull drifted toward him, bearing news from the Master of the Forge. Pelegon listened to its message before dismissing it, pleased with Adriun's progress. Such was the rate at which work could be done without obstructions.

"To re-forge the earth and rock of enemy worlds with our hands, and to drown the Imperium in both their blood and our own. While the siege of the Wolf's Claw plays out, you are to conduct a full scan of the entire XIXth Grand Company, and report any anomalous findings directly to me. If anyone questions your judgement, they are to be viewed as obstructing the investigation and will be castigated appropriately. I will not have these petty arguments tear my Company asunder, and if you find any whisperings of malcontent, whether from the Olympian or adopted factions, I expect to be informed"

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