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Default Interest Check: Holy Fleet

I've outlined (in great detail) the plot for an RP that's based around Void warfare. I'd like to run a game where the players are Captains of their own Imperial capital ship; their Battlefleet will then be ordered (forced by the enemy) to undertake a brutal sector-wide naval campaign. As the GM I would control the Battlefleet's Lord Admiral as well as dozens of other NPC ships, and I'd outline the missions that your part of the fleet will execute. And you will execute them...

The traditional character sheet that most RPs use will be designed to tell us about your ship, your Captain, and your Armsmen. The fights will be narrative (no dice) but you will certainly be damaged if I think it serves the story. Heck, you might get boarded by the enemy, so let's hope your crew is up to the challenge.

There will be surprises. There will be casualties (probably not active players). And I think if the game gets off the ground it could make for a rich RP. So if you're interested or have any questions please post below. Thanks.

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