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Tyranus turned as he heard the commanding voice of Kunzhardt shout of "Cease Fire!" above the fray. He was a man that Tyranus rather liked and respected, as much for his tactical acumen and service beyond reproach. Beyond that Kunzhardt, much in the way that Tyranus envisioned himself was a great leader and molder of men, it was admirable how he took the raw -for an Astartes- recruits given to him and transformed them into the best siege fighters he had ever seen.

At Kunzhardt's command the entire complex was suddenly deathly silent as the 2nd Captain approached, Tyranus took note of the entirety of the assembled Astartes turned and all attention was now on their Captain and himself. "Why are you here, Hand of the Warsmith? Why have you brought your. . . retinue to my domain?" The harsh tone Kunzhardt spoke with was softened as he referred to his Honor Guard, which he took as a sort of professional courtesy given by Kunhardt.

Tyranus lowered his head in something akin to an apologetic bow, "Captain Kunzhardt," he spoke the man's name with an inflection of respect and while the two were hardly on good terms, he had no ill intentions though and sought to make that as clear as possible. He calmly put his hand up, motioning for his retinue to remain where they stood, he did not want to accidentally create a scene of bloodshed by having the vertible wall of Tyranthikos move with him.

Removing his helm so as to speak with Kunzhardt face to face he began, "I believed it would be best to come and speak with you in person. My retinue accompanies me only as we are so close to the launch of our campaign." He gave as manner of explanation, which while possibly believable, was not the truth, were they at readiness for war or not, the Honor Guard would have accompanied him to the lair of the Mechanized Fist. " I wished to speak with you on matters regarding the coordination of The First and Seventh Companies in the coming campaign. I will always welcome the aid of the The Mechanized Fist and his company of the greatest siege fighters known to the stars. I believe that my Tyranthikos are the perfect hammer to your anvil, or vice versa." He took note of Kunzhardt's lazily cocked powerfist and prepared himself for anything, gauging the distance between himself and the 2nd Captain to be just enough that he could draw his power glaive if needed. In a pinch he had his retractable power sword in his left vambrace, but he would do all he could to diffuse a rather tense situation.

"There is also another matter that I would like to discuss with you, something best discussed in private." He did not wish to reveal the information he'd obtained from Draxus in front of line soldiers as this was a matter to be discussed by the respective Captains.
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