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Adriun knew he had disarmed the Second Captain's mood like one would disarm a bomb, he had cut away at the preconceptions like so many vital wires, He respected his Brother Captain and knew his move was also a political one and would further cement a very necessary camaraderie between his Mechanicus Sect and Kunzhardt's armored divisions.

During the whole confrontation he noticed his actions had somewhat shocked the easily angered captain, and maybe he would fins some new found respect for Forge Master, at least he hoped, he only desired to serve the Company, and that meant they need to be secure in loyalties to one another, it saddened him that something as trivial as birthplace and gene-seed could cause such friction. But his brother finished, and accepted the hand shake, though very strong he remained stoic and nodded to his Brother who departed, hopefully a friendship of some-sort would bloom from the enlightening exchange.


He turned his full attention now to the large device before him, it’s functioning was no mystery to him, it was nearly identical to his side arm, aside from higher quality and larger components, he could already understand what would be necessary to replicate it. He continued his disassembling of the device and recorded in detail each of the parts and their function, soon his gift would be ready for manufacturing.

"Well now, it seems this is more alike to the Serpenta than I thought...Now then with this amount of output though the Magnetic fields would need to be five times standard strength to maintain the particle projection." He said to himself taking down notes.

He watched some monitors seeing the Captain of the Second had finally left, he wondered if he would be able to get him the Vehicles in time for a trial by fire. There was no room for doubt in his own abilities however and so he pushed the thought aside.

After a while he decided to contact the other teams to see if they had made desirable progress, they after all had the easier jobs than he had, he expected them to have a full catalog and already be in a testing phase to see about part production if they were to make his one week deadline.

He opened up the vox broadcast for the factorum, "Brothers and Mechanicus Comrades, I have made significant progress into the inner working of the Carronade's main firing components, and so I expect that the Teams have made even more progress than I”

“I expect a full report sent by Servo Skull within the next hour.” He finished and cut the signal.


After the broadcast the teams, Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma, began to converse among themselves as the servitors continued their work. There were two Directors that oversaw the combined teams, Loakk was the Tech-Marine in charge of Alpha and Beta, and Furthuum the Tech-Marine in charge of Delta and Gamma.

Loakk was a tall and imposing Tech-Marine with an impressive bulk brought on by his Genetor/Biologis practices; He was the Right hand of Adriun. His Marines and Tech-Priests, to lowly Tech thralls all showed signs of physical enhancement to the flesh, typically having extra grafted musculature and fiber strengthened bone structures and enhanced sensory organs. Loakk himself wore modified Maximus power armor, that fit his extra muscled bulk, and his face was pale as his blood had been replaced with a synthetic hyper efficient replacement, his pupils were slits that noticed every detail and saw in more than one wave length. He had Mechadendrites like any of his station, but his cybernetics seemed sleeker and focused on preserving his flesh instead of replacing it.

He spoke to his team and dictated to a servo skull with a recorder,” The operation proceeds accordingly, the Barrel has been disassembled, and cataloged then reassembled and tested, we are working on attempting to duplicate it small scale now and once this is successful we may begin constructing templates for the factorum which will take a bulk of the time. That is all Master Adriun, Iron within, Iron without.” The rest of the team resounded the chant as well, and then returned to their task and ordering about the servitors.

In another part of the factorum, Brother Furthuum, the opposite to the other Operations Director in every way, Furthuum forgoes most flesh for Iron instead, being highly cybernetically enhanced, he is interred permanently in a massive modified Gorgon Pattern Terminator armor. He had many Mechadendrites, all oriented for manipulation and tool usage, and his Shoulders were capable of each mounting a heavy weapon of his choice as well as each arm having bracing to mount a heavy weapon as well, making him quite the weapons platform in combat, using dual power fists on those fortunate enough to not die at a distance, and on top of that he could mount a Cyclone Missile launcher as well.

He towered over his compatriots they as well deeming flesh weak in their appearance, His face armored and a single eye replaced by a large complex optical unit for precise aiming and precision work. The flesh left on his face tanned from work with welding, and being near plasma cutters with frequency, and his single eye red and judging.

He spouted binary at those with translators, and they responded in kind, this Man-that-was-machine was Adriun’s Loyal left hand. He then spoke for the others and to please Adriun who preferred High Gothic to machine language, though fluent in both.

“Delta and Gamma have successfully mapped the capacitors and main generators, they are similar to those used by the Shadow Sword, with some differences in function and capacity, we are ready to begin production phase, and it would only take slight modification to current templates to accurately reproduce the product.” He spoke in his machine tinted tone.

One of the Tech Priests released a Servo skull that was attached to its body with the message recorded, it hover back to their master. With that they returned to work.


Adriun listened to both recordings and smiled pleased with his work and that of his team, he sent the Servo Skulls back and then proceeded to record his own message for Pelegon.

“Warsmith, Master Pelegon, I have cracked the FellGlaive's inner working with the assistance of my teams, We are working on bringing it into a Production phase so that it may be of use to the company, we will defer out product to Brother Captain Kunzhardt for his expertise and usage, I hope this pleases you.” He said to the recorder.

He paused, “Thank you as well for entrusting this task to me, I will not disappoint, and my final question in this matter is if I will need to manufacture tech thralls for this engagement, if not deemed necessary then I will coordinate with my armored and mechanized units to deploy as a strike force in the upcoming operation, I am positive with the Armored Fist and my Mechanicus units, our siege will be swift. Iron Within.” He finished and sent the Servo Skull to the Warsmith.

He went back to his work area and reassembled the Firing unit, and had a Crane come in through the ceiling, which opened up and then snatched the device away. Adriun the grabbed his Sheathed blade and attached it to his belt, then holstered his Serpenta as well, and left the room to go about to getting the factorum prepped for production, the longest part of the work for him.

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