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The grandiose nature of the Forge room always disgusted to some degree. The unnecessary eccentricities of a man that had been all but consumed by the machine. There could be a degree of respect held for the absolutely ancient technological marvels lying around but it was all a great show like a puppet master stringing along marionettes or a doll maker and his display of windup toy soldiers.

The cavernous room with the grinding noises of countless minor events occurring crested by a Fellglaive in countless smaller pieces as the center piece turned his stomach. A mighty weapon of war reduced to scrap!? No that couldn't be the case. He noted some of the pieces that seemed to be replicated and that it seemed like Adruin would seek to produce multiples of this tank which left him at somewhat of a disadvantage in the coming discussion. There would be no high ground for Kunzhardt and all he could do would be to save face and maintain his strength before all. This was a ploy after all! A perfect upstart to humiliate the second captain by removing him from the loop and then sending him into the Factorum where his honour could be mocked. Damn that Warsmith and his ties to the VIIIth legion! Deception and cowardice are their way and this was certainly a fitting way to remove the Second Captain indirectly so that one less objection towards the Tyranus could be mustered.

The tempest of paranoia swirled about within the ceramite helmet of Kunzhardt as the elevator slowly raised. He felt like he was being summoned by an ecclesiastic bastard fat with the coffers of his own office. The grinding of his fist raised to the point that it disturbed his thoughts and he remembered to what degree the Tech Marine had worked on his arm. It was of high quality and had laid many devastating blows to lay foes low and he could not discount the meticulous nature of the marine, but was it a service to him or to preserve the power fist / cybernetic arm so that it would be in pristine condition after he removed it from the second captain's corpse?

--"Brother Captain, come in, I have been expecting you."--

Heavy boots announced a presence with silence to accommodate it. He surveyed the room's trinkets again. He'd been in this room before and the sheer undisciplined nature of it struck him as ghastly. There seemed to be no discipline and it was in stark contrast to the borderline Spartan nature of his own domain it was hard to believe that the Primarch's seed sustained him and not some lesser Legion. . .

Cold eyes turned to Adruin directly now, studying the hive cluster of mechanical tentacles working and flicking about like a dance. He studied them trying to pattern how he might strike should it be required and how to try to time their counter strikes. One good swing with the power fist would be plenty. Even if the Tech-Marine couldn't see Kunzhardt through his helmet it was as though he could feel the daggers stared into him and turned to face the Captain of the Second and while it was well disguised a trained eye might notice it looked like the second captain had took an incredibly deep breath to try to calm himself before speaking.

---“Speak Brother, I assume this is not about your arm, as maintenance was not long ago, is there some service you need of me?”

"No brother. . . The arm performs as it was intended-thank you. The Warsmith has seen fit to gift you a mighty warmachine; it rightfully belongs to the Mechanized Fist. What are you doing with it?"

Adriun scratched his hair covered chin, "It rightfully belongs to the XIXth Brother, I think you know why it was gifted to me. My work guarantees that this single beast can be made into many more."

He took out his pistol and showed it to Kunzhardt,"Like this piece here," He turned and pressed a button on a data slate and the wall open up showing a dozen more identical pistols.

---"See, while I fully intend for the mechanized fist to make use of it, it makes much more sense to make sure it is more than one that can be made use of, I am sure you would rather be able to field ten than one, and the risk of losing this technology in battle is greater without this redundancy." He finished and the wall closed up.

---"Do not fret, I will grant you this boon in due time, as I would hope you would grant me something you thought would be better left in my care as well." He finished and proffered his hand, "Deal Brother?"

Within the helmet the captain of the second was scoffing at the young upstart of a Tech Marine who's life span he had doubled thus far. He had bore witness to countless worlds burning and titanic fleets in space coming to blows. His eyes had observed the Emperor, Perturabo, Horus himself! And this whelp!?

Kunzhardt seemingly growled before responding.

"You already have my debt, Adruin. . . I will be informed of receipt of any additional warmachines before taken into your care. Just ensure we have plenty of these. I itch for campaign and this incursion against wild dogs will not satiate for long.

That was about as close as Adruin would get to receiving true gratitude from the second captain. It was a show of weakness and Kunzhardt would never allow it but he appreciated the arm and the weaponry that Adruin supplied him. It was what allowed the Mechanized Fist to bring down the very sky upon those unlucky enough to fall within his cross-hairs.

With that the Second Captain retrieved the Forge Masters hand in his own massive power fist and shook, squeezing tight enough to shatter any mans hand into dust but for an Astartes it would likely just cause some discomfort. And with that he bowed his head slightly and marched from the room.

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