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Originally Posted by Boxagonapus View Post
With that he turned and left leaving his adjutant to run things in his stead. Vhalos was a loyal capable soldier without too much aspiration it was a good combination for him and he was efficient enough to manage to not garner Kunzhardt's wrath too often. No that was reserved for another this time as heavy boots summoned him to the Factorum.
The broad shouldered Captain made his trek to the Factorum and was met by its façade of former Machine Gods, brought low through the Forge Master’s cunning and technical knowledge of the inner workings of said machines.

He walked past two immobile sentries at the massive gate, Castellax Battle-Automata, some of the many relics that the relative youth of a Tech-Marine had access too, and in relative quantity. They let him pass as their virtual intelligences registered the Captain of the Second’s presence which meant Adriun would be very aware of his arrival.

Kunzhardt was met by the sight of an entourage of Tech Priests and Tech-Marines surrounding the husk of the FellGlaive, which was stripped down to the chassis. It was to note however the tank that came in, disheveled and battle wounded, was now pristine and repaired, and ready to be re-armed and equipped with its weapons. He also noted several turrets hanging on chains, without the gun or capacitors mounted, that were exact pristine replicas of the tank’s original turret, it seemed as soon as the Main weapon’s technology was cracked they would be able to mass produce the weapon.

He was noticed by the Tech-Marines and Tech-Priests that were overseeing the work of the Servitors, a few Tech Priests and a Tech-Marine came forward.

The Tech Priests bowed with utterances of “Mi’Lord.” And the Marine saluted in the Iron Warriors fashion and directed the Captain to the Elevator.

Soon he was at over watch near Adriun’s personal quarters. The Master of the Forge of course knew this and turned on his Vox.

“Brother Captain, come in, I have been expecting you.” He said amiably.

As Kunzhardt entered the abode, most likely with little concerned with its decorations, he saw Adriun standing near the Main Firing component of the Fell Glaive, or at least assumed so.

Adriun turned to him, while his Mechadendrites continued to work on the device unabated.

“Speak Brother, I assume this is not about your arm, as maintenance was not long ago, is there some service you need of me?” He full well knew why the Captain of the Second was here, but he wished to let his Brother-Captain vent first if necessary.

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