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Tyranus' footsteps were a heavy thud as he marched along with the two Tyranthikos escorts that were ever present at his side. Like extensions of his own thought they constantly observed every possible vector of potential attack, analyzing every potential threat that they encountered as they maneuvered through the corridors of the Eisenschloss. The two members of the Tyranthikos swept the room for any signs of hostility, even within the protected confines of the Eisenschloss their dedicated service was at its utmost, they were impressive warriors and Tyranus smiled proudly underneath his helm that he had honed such a fanatical fighting force behind him.

At the head of the trio Tyranus strode in and removed his helm, taking note of the presence already of Lucian the Captain of the Third. As their Lord made his entrance and gave greeting the two members of the Tyranthikos bowed their heads and spoke in unison as they did so "WarSmith," before finding places in the shadows behind Tyranus' seat at the table which was the first chair to the right of the WarSmith. Before acknowledging his Brother Captain he greeted the WarSmith, "Pelegon! What glory do we bring to the XIXth this day?" His booming voice was filled with excitement at the prospect of having a proper campaign again. Like much of the First he had grown rambunxious and eager to go on the offensive again. To the keen ears in the room, they would note that Tyranus referred to Pelegon often by his first name rather than his title of WarSmith, though out of a sign of familiarity and not of disrespect. Thought Pelegon as always stood taller than Tyranus himself, he was still the broader of the two now ancient warriors and he looked at his kindred warrior with the predatory grin that Pelegon had seen many times before, Tyranus was anxious to be on the hunt once again.

Lucian was one of his fellow Captains that he did not harbor any great mistrust in and as such greeted him with a cordial but sincere nod "Captain Lucian, how unexpected to see you here," referring to the fact that the Third Captain spent much of his time on missions of subversion and espionage, things that Tyranus understood the value of and appreciated more than many of their fellow Brother Captains. "The First has always had great success fighting alongside the Third, Captain Lucian." It was as complimentary as Tyranus got really, but he was quite sincere in his praise, the two companies had a history of successful campaigns, typically in taking out well protected targets, wherein the Third would infiltrate and kill those in command of the enemy while the First tore through their enemies' front line defenses in great swathes.

As the rest of the Captains and XIXth's leadership arrived the reason for their summons was finally revealed, at least partially. Pelegon spoke of the planet Pelexis III, and its rather mundane existence. However at the mention of a Company of Space Wolves Tyranus quickly perked up. He enjoyed humbling the braggadocious dogs of the False Emperor, however he did not particularly agree with the mission if they stood to make no material gains. That said he was a fond believer in sending clear messages to his enemies and allies alike, and this would likely send a clear statement to the Imperium, that their settlements in these regions were at the will of the XIXth Great Company, even if 'protected' by a company of Space Wolves. Tyranus took note of the The Wolf's Claw an unimaginative and standard template bastion that had been utilized on countless worlds beholden to the False Emperor. It was unique in its name alone and while it was fortified it would not stand up against the tidal wave of destruction that was his Tyranthikos, he assumed they would be the spearhead to lead the assault against the fortress as that was their specialty.

As the meeting concluded the retinue was dismissed save for Iapetus, Lucian and Lugerev were ordered to remain. What exactly those three alone were to be privy to was of interest to Tyranus, but he could not linger on the lack of complete information he was given. His task now was to muster the First Company to readiness. The Tyanthikos fell in behind him as he left the chamber, replacing his helm and again marching, this time at a quickened pace towards the keep to the East that harbored the First Company.
Flanked by his Tyranthikos escorts he was immediately met by his Lieutenant Xerath, "See to it that the Iron Tyrant is prepared to launch at my order," Tyranus spoke as he observed the various states of readiness that his men were in. They had been preparing for operations under his orders since he had received a summons. They would be ready well within time, but Tyranus held great expectations for his company. "Our Land Raiders are already prepared my Lord," Xareth answered before even being asked the question, to which Tyranus nodded approvingly "Well done Xareth. Assemble the command squad, Veka and Lukar are to take auto cannons, Grega and Dathos shall take their chainfists and all are to be equipped with cyclone launchers. The rest of our Brothers may equip their normal Tyrant loadouts," He referred to their Tyrant Siege loadouts, ideal for line breaking and shattering embattlements like the Wolf's Claw. "We shall be in orbit shortly, you have done admirably to have the men ready to this point, do not fail me so close to our return to glorious battle." His words were laced equally with complimentary and ominous tones, to which Xareth nodded thankfully at the praise and quickly went back to directing his Lord's orders as Tyranus walked away, his two honor guard in tow as the Keep erupted into cheers, the barking of orders and the continuation of the clanking and bustling of the First preparing for war as Xareth relayed the orders of the Captain Tyranus.

I would have words with Pelegon in private before we embark on this new campaign, He thought to himself as he made his way to the armory aboard the flagship of the First the Iron Tyrant. He proceeded to look over the Wolf's Claw in his HUD as he marched, his keen mind searching for the weakest point within the structure that he and his Tyranthikos would strike at before tearing apart those who stood as its guardians. As he arrived to the armory he saw that which he had been seeking, a single barrel direct fire frag launcher that was quickly affixed by a pair of servitors at his behest to the right shoulder of his Cataphractii plate. His honor guard stood ever to either side two paces behind, he spoke to them, knowing they were unlikely to respond "Tell me my Brothers, have you ever hunted a wolf?" To his amusement the less decorated of the two spoke up in response "No, but I have heard from you my Lord that they die just the same as any other Imperial Dog." Quite satisfied with the unexpected answer Tyranus nodded as he let himself laugh "Yes, yes they certainly do Brother Dayus."

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